8/03/2014 — Plane departs to pick up 2nd Infected Ebola Patient — Coming to Atlanta, GA

Breaking news :

Plane departs to pick up 2nd infected Ebola patient in Africa. Being transported to the same hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.




Video here:


What else could POSSIBLY go wrong?

This next time, lets get some boots on those bio-suits… and lets seal off the infected persons suit , instead of leaving it OPEN TO THE AIR…

Captureopen hood

Also, this next time, lets keep UNPROTECTED IDIOTS away:

Capturenews crew unprotectedaa

I don’t know about everyone else, but I was expecting high security, and a quarantine tunnel entry for isolation of the virus (in case of aerosols).

Something like the alien pathogen E.T. the extraterrestrial tunnel 🙂


Instead of a secure area, and a safe entry tunnel, they’re walking the infected person right next to peoples cars, with press just a few feet away..

Capturenews crew unprotecteda

I said it to begin with, this is a DUMB idea, with several high (unnecessary) risks…


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