8/3/2014 — Large Earthquake Activity in the West Pacific — 6.9 Magnitude — Watch EAST Pacific for compensation

The Western portion of the Pacific plate (near Micronesia) is in a state of unrest.

Two large events occurring yesterday, a borderline 7.0M event (measuring 6.9 magnitude), and a followup 6.2M earthquake.  Also, multiple aftershocks in the 3.0-5.0M range.

Northward from the area in heavy flux, we see movement near Japan occur.

6.9m earthquake august 2 2014 micronesia

The past 7 days of earthquakes 5.0M+ show the areas to watch, and the silent areas (which are normally prone for movement) which also need to be watched.

Click to view full size:

5.0m earthquakes august 3 2014



M6.9 – Federated States of Micronesia region 2014-08-03 00:22:03 UTC

Event Time

  1. 2014-08-03 00:22:03 UTC
  2. 2014-08-03 10:22:03 UTC+10:00 at epicenter
  3. 2014-08-02 19:22:03 UTC-05:00 system time


0.844°N 146.144°E depth=10.6km (6.6mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 340km (211mi) NNW of Lorengau, Papua New Guinea
  2. 561km (349mi) NNE of Wewak, Papua New Guinea
  3. 641km (398mi) NW of Kavieng, Papua New Guinea
  4. 664km (413mi) NE of Vanimo, Papua New Guinea
  5. 1143km (710mi) N of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea


M6.1 – Federated States of Micronesia region 2014-08-03 00:26:42 UTC

Event Time

  1. 2014-08-03 00:26:42 UTC
  2. 2014-08-03 10:26:42 UTC+10:00 at epicenter
  3. 2014-08-02 19:26:42 UTC-05:00 system time


1.033°N 146.256°E depth=14.0km (8.7mi)

Below is a diagram of the global plate structure.  You can see the area of Micronesia (current 7.0M earthquake location) is at the center South portion of the plate.

Watch adjacent areas to the East and Northwest for movement, as well as corresponding pressure points across the plate from Central Mexico to Southern California.

Near term, we need to watch for possible larger movement on the EASTERN side of the Pacific plate in Central America to California (in response to this Western movement in Micronesia).

plates global layout

Multiple earthquake monitoring links can be found here:


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