8/10/2014 — Japan Earthquake Unrest — North American Craton movement (USA + Canada)

Earthquake unrest is showing nationally, and internationally.

Over the past 7 days, up to August 10 2014 , 1215am CDT, a series of moderate earthquakes has occurred in the United States, and Canada (along the ‘edge’ of the North American Craton).

craton earthquakes aug 10 2014

The movement in North America is showing specifically as multiple mid 3.0M earthquakes occurring along the “edge” of the Craton, and occurring across the whole of the deformed craton extending to (and terminating at) the Accretion belt along the subduction zone fault lines in California.

The earthquakes in Canada are also a sign of the overall pressure being placed upon the North American Craton.  Pressure showing its hand via a 4.3M event occurring in Southwest Canada, and a borderline 4.0M event occurring in Southeast Canada.

Both earthquake events in Canada, again, occurring along the roughly defined “edge” of the unsubducted craton (plate).


Above: Diagram of the North American Craton (Laurentia) overlayed with a map of the United States for easy earthquake location placement comparison

The North American Craton, which is named Laurentia for future reference sake, is under a tremendous amount of pressure at the moment.

Pressure on the plate is coming from movement half a world away.  The West Pacific showing heavy movement from Alaska to New Zealand.  The heavy movement in the West Pacific is causing a moderate global plate displacement event to occur.

7 days earthquake aug 10 2014a

Above: Past 7 days of earthquakes 4.0M and greater (up to Aug. 10, 2014 1230am CDT) shows a large number of 5.0M+ events, and several deep earthquakes within the Asthenosphere. The Height of the markers on this globe indicates the depth of the earthquake.

The excessive movement occurring in the West Pacific, is effecting adjacent areas around the Pacific, as well as causing “back and forth” earthquakes across vast distances, occurring at a deep level of the inner Earth, across an area called the Asthenosphere.

The Asthenosphere is showing moderate earthquake activity near the 350 mile depth, usually earthquakes in the 4.0M-5.0M range.

It is an area of partial melt, viscous magma, and possibly even large volumes of corresponding gas.


Above: Dictionary diagram of the proposed basic inner Earth geology. The Asthenosphere being the area below the rigid Lithosphere (crust). To see earthquakes occurring at this depth, indicated a deeper disturbance happening below the entire Pacific plate.

Normally, when we see swarms of earthquakes occur at a greater depth, the swarms are followed by larger Earthquakes , which usually occur at a shallow depth in an ADJACENT area.

For instance, over the past few days, a swarm of mid 4.0M earthquakes occurred near Vanuatu, followed by a 6.0M just a few hours ago (Aug 10)  in Japan.


earthquake japan aug 10 2014

Above: August 10, 2014 — 6.0M earthquake occurs in Northeast Japan

Today’s 6.0 magnitude in Japan followed the flurry of deeper mid 4.0 magnitude events farther South along the edge of the Pacific plate in the days leading up to this above release of pressure in Japan.

This diagram below, shows the overall plate structure of the region.

plates global layout

We’ve seen earthquakes move from region to region, even across entire plates, within HOURS of each other.  Past (incorrect) theory taught that earthquakes in one region, do NOT lead to earthquakes in another region.

It used to be taught that earthquakes don’t “transfer”, and that pressure doesn’t transfer across vast areas.

This outdated, incorrect supposition by “professionals” has now disproved thanks to our diligent work.


This screenshot below looking at the past 7 days of 4.0M and greater, the darker the color Red, the older the earthquake.  Notice even South Africa received moderate activity, also movement at the South Pole, Mid-Atlantic, and North Pole.

The “spill over” of pressure from the Pacific unrest is obvious.

7 days earthquake aug 10 2014a1

Above: Past 7 days of 4.0M+ earthquakes, up to 1230am CDT August 10 2014. Movement from the Pacific is placing pressure on adjacent plates, causing unrest across the board

Wrapping back up where we started to begin with, the United States.

The movement at the fracking operations in Oklahoma is picking up in pace again, showing as THIRTY earthquakes between 2.5M – 3.5M.

The borderline 4.0M in East Canada, leads me to be on watch for LARGER movement in the Midwest / South US in the near term.  Due to pressure clearly showing upon the edge of the plate, the release in Canada means we’ll see a “re-building” of pressure along the edge of the plate farther Southwest from the location in Canada with the 3.9M.

Meaning… we need to watch Texas, and Colorado.  Possibly Kansas as well thrown into the mix.

Also, since the pressure is coming from the Northwest, and since we haven’t seen much movement there recently, we need to watch Yellowstone / Idaho for possible larger movement in the near term.

7 days earthquake aug 10 2014

Above: Past 7 days of earthquakes 3.0M+ United States and Canada , up to 1230am CDT August 10 2014


Monitor earthquakes nationally, and internationally here:


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