8/11/2014 — ALERT — ‘Anonymous’ Cyber Attack against Saint Louis / Missouri underway now

Reports surfaced of a possible cyber attack announced, to be done by the ever present ‘anonymous’.

It appears SOMETHING is underway currently. 4am CDT.

Targeting Saint Louis Missouri, and Kirksville, MO (location of the University of Missouri).


Saint Louis, and Kirksville are currently getting blasted with what appears to be a multi-port, multi-provider DOS (denial of service) packet attack.


Report on the ‘anonymous’ warning here:


“FERGUSON, Mo — “Anonymous,” a group of “Hacktivists,” have targeted the United States government and large corporations before and have now set their sights on the Ferguson Police Department.

“Operation Ferguson” tweeted Sunday that “Anonymous” will only launch cyber-attacks in Ferguson in direct response to any police abuse of protesters. “Operation Ferguson” has since been suspended from Twitter.

News 4’s Chris Stanford has the full story.

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