8/16/2014 — Ferguson Missouri shop owner PACKING HEAT – DEFENDS his looted shop

A very disturbing series of anarchist type events occurred last night in Ferguson Missouri.

Just before midnight, going into the early morning hours of August 16th 2014, another looting riot took place in Ferguson Missouri / North Saint Louis, with people numbering in the hundreds.



Reporters (media) were attacked, cameras attempted to be stolen, and people targeted by groups of angry looters.  Stores destroyed, and multiple thefts occurred.

See the reporters getting harassed by the looters at about 1hr 19min to about 1hr 30min into this video:

A shop owner was forced to come and defend his store, carrying an openly belted handgun.    This is fully acceptable with NO police on scene.  Literally, each man must fend for themselves.  Coincidentally, the looted shop in question is the shop where Michael Brown stole the box of blunts the day this all began.


Watch the whole event here as I was doing my livestream:

At about 34min 20sec… MAJOR action as the store owner shows up to defend his property !!  Packing heat.

These rioting looters are not to be confused with legitimate protesters, who are rightfully upset about the shooting of an unarmed man by police (which started this whole ordeal).

Last nights grotesque display of abject foolishness by the rioters / looters, is only surpassed by my verbal outrage at seeing it occur in my home town of Ferguson, MO.

Below are a few wonderful screenshots of the events as they unfolded.





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