8/18/2014 — National Guard to be deployed in Saint Louis / Ferguson Missouri

Video here:

This is heartbreaking to see, but expected after last night.

The National Guard has been called out here in Saint Louis Missouri. Going to my hometown, Ferguson.

national guard deployed

See my whole facebook feed for the play by play, as things spiraled out of control last night (Aug 17 into 18 2014).


Starting around 830pm CDT, a series of violent events began to play out at the hands of the rioting looters (not to be confused with legitimate protesters).

A shooting in the crowd, followed by responding officers being fired upon.  Mcdonalds was then raided by looters, who took over the store, the employees having to take cover , locking themselves in a storage room calling for help.

Police responded by 915pm CDT.  Cleared the crowds on the street by 930pm.

national guard deployeda

Above: August 17th, 930pm CDT, police respond to mcdonalds being looted, shots fired, and molotov cocktails thrown at their command center. Tear gas is used to disperse the large crowd gathering on the streets of Ferguson Missouri.

Major looting has occurred:  Oreilly Auto parts, Ferguson Tire, Dellwood market, Quik Trip at 270, walgreens, target, mcdonalds, multiple reports of personal property damage (broken windows, stolen property).  Several more locations supposedly hit, will attempt to get a full rundown of all the shops looted this time.

This all started out peacefully, but escalated rather quickly on the part of those protesting in the street.

Watch the chaotic scene here, as the crowd on the street climbs atop cars, honking horns, driving dangerously with overpacked cars, and dancing in the middle of the road.



This above seen chaos was just the GOOD part of what was occurring at the time, at the same time these people are hanging out on the street, the shootings and mcdonalds being raided was happening not too far away.

After the police responded, things got even worse due to people not knowing what was happening up the street :

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