8/23/2014 — Bardarbunga volcano in Icealand begins to erupt — LIVE STREAM HERE

Watch a live stream of Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland, currently nighttime at the Volcano (645pm CDT August 23, 2014).

Once daylight arrives, we’ll be seeing some activity most likely.

Here is a main stream news report announcing that the Volcano erupted this morning, August 23 2014:


Above: View from aircraft of Bardarbunga volcano , which is covered by a glacier (now melting obviously due to the volcanic eruption)



“One week after an earthquake swarm first warned of magma on the rise, a volcanic eruption has started near Iceland’s Baroarbunga volcano, the Icelandic Met Office announced today (Aug. 23).

The small-scale eruption is taking place northeast of Barðarbunga, underneath the Dyngjujökull glacier. Scientists estimate 492 to 1,312 feet of ice (150 to 400 meters) covers the emerging lava, the Met Office said in a statement. Even though no one can see the eruption, seismic signals indicate that ice is flashing into steam. This suggests lava has broken through to the surface, beneath the glacier.

The surface of Dyngjujokull glacier looked undisturbed during a survey flight today by the Iceland Coast Guard. There was no visible ash or melting ice, or cracks or sinkholes from the subglacial melting, the Met Office said. Radar and webcams also show no changes at Dyngjujokull soon after the eruption started at 2:10 p.m. local time (10:10 a.m. ET).”

Icelandic geologic agency:

iceland bardarbunga eruption aug 23 2014

Above: 48 hours of earthquakes in Iceland up to 630pm CDT Aug 23 2014


Other Iceland webcams:

*Many of the Icelandic webcams hosted by ruv.is require Windows Media.






currently out of order for some reason:

Eyjafjallajökull – info – webcams: from Þórólfsfell | two | three

Grímsvötninfoone (nearby glacial outlet) | two

Hekla – info – webcams: one* | two

Katla* – infowebcam

Öræfajökull – infowebcam

Surtsey (Vestmannaeyjar)infowebcam

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