9/03/2014 — Tropical Storm / Hurricane “Norbert” heading towards Southern California?

An end to the Southern California drought in sight?

norbert hurricaneaa

Above: Hurricane Norbert (Category 1) currently near the Southern tip of Baja Mexico, heading North towards Southern California , September 3 2014 2pm CDT


Hurricane Norbert (currently going into Category 1 hurricane status) is heading up the Western coast of Baja Mexico.

Professionals have the storm track staying a steady Northwest  along the coast of Mexico, topping out near a Category 2 storm, heading towards the Southwestern coast of the United States.

norbert hurricane 1

Above: September 3 2014 — Currently path of Hurricane Norbert shows a possible Southwest US interaction.

norbert hurricane

Above: The long term path is subject to change, however current path tracks show a steady push up the coast is expected.


If Norbert’s pattern holds, Southern California may be seeing the edge of a tropical storm.  This would be good news, if the rain which accompanies these tropical systems makes its way to SoCal !

Animated satellite images from NOAA can be seen here:



rbtop-animated norbert

rb-animated norbert

avn-animated norbert

rgb-animated norbert




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