9/09/2014 — Another tornado forms between NEXRAD and Air Defense RADAR stations

Yet once again we see a possible tornado form between two RADAR stations.  This time, Kearney Nebraska receives the brunt of the man made storm.

How many times is too many times before people wake up to the fact that High Power Microwaves (HPM) are having a weather effect?

tornado radar sept 9 2014 nexrad haarp ring


This has happened far too often to be coincidence, or chance.


pueblo colorado haarp ring nexrad radar storm aug 25 2014

denver international airport tornadoes july 28 2014 RADAR


stanford tornado airport radar july 28 2014


tornado nexrad tdwr radar july 16 2014

binghampton new york tornado nexrad radar

kentwood michigan tornado nexrad radar

brunswick ohio radar tornado june 23 2014a

tornado airport nexrad radar june 24 2014 indiana


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