9/11/2014 — CSPAN airs the TRUTH about September 11th — Molten Steel FLOWED below WTC – Video here!

13 years later, the truth about 9/11 comes out.

images (2)

2000+ architects, and engineers are extremely concerned that the buildings attacked on 9/11/2001 did not ‘collapse’ due to fire, or impacts.



The professional Engineers, and licensed Architects are especially concerned with the quote ‘rivers of flowing molten metal’ which ‘looked like lava’… also the freefall of the buildings falling symmetrically.

See those flowing rivers of molten metal here, I worked VERY hard finding this video btw, its been scrubbed everywhere!! :

imagesB3KCI9E6 imagesV8XUON78

These aren’t conspiracy theorists, these are the people CURRENTLY BUILDING MOST OF THE SKYSCRAPERS around the world who are concerned.


They are thinking that WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7 (building 7) were deliberately blown / demolished… either the buildings supports were blown all at once, or EVERY skyscraper which has a fire will collapse.

Architects, and engineers are saying IF the collapses were due to fire, then all building code needs to be changed immediately, as all skyscrapers are now prone to collapse if a fire happens.. this didn’t use to be the case. Has physics changed?

The answer is in this video which just aired on CSPAN.

Get the word out!



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