9/16/2014 — Amazing lava flows at Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland


Amazing video released by the RUV (Icelandic Geologic Agency). Showing several minutes worth of lava flows occurring at Icelands Bardarbunga Volcano. The first two weeks of September proving phenomenal for anyone who studies volcanism.

Animated .gifs of recent lava flows from Iceland:







Last week, a TORNADO formed over the lava flows, producing a toxic, boiling hot vortex of Sulfur Dioxide. Watch that video here:


Bardarbunga Volcano still going stong, currently picking up in intensity..

Screenshot September 16 2014 400pm CDT


Watch the live stream here:


The Icelandic Geologic Agency (RUV) has provided multiple HD videos of these impressive lava flows occurring from a new volcanic fissure which opened up a few miles from the original Bardarbunga caldera.

All videos publicly accessible here:






This video is a repost.

This original video was FLAGGED DOWN by “euronews”, falsely claiming they “own” the rights to the public RUV Icelandic agency lava footage. I’ve made 100% sure this footage is public domain, released by RUV itself (the icelandic version of the USGS).

It was my most popular video this month, took down. Last month, they took down the Mexico crack / fissure in the ground video, my most popular video last month. Meanwhile everyone elses video showing the same thing still stands (and they’re even running ads on their videos no less!)

I’m seeing a pattern.

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