9/20/2014 — Global Earthquake Update — Unrest showing across multiple regions

Full Earthquake update video can be viewed here:

Graphic below shows the past 7 days of earthquakes (up to 530pm CDT September 20, 2014) Eastern and Western Hemispheres , 4.0M+ internationally / 2.5M+ in the United States and territories. (source USGS)

earthquake update setp 20 2014

Volcanic and seismic activity are currently on the rise. Multiple 4.0M+ earthquakes across the North American craton, additional earthquake swarm activity occurring at the Oklahoma and Texas fracking operations.

Dormant volcanoes and magma chambers being displaced in North America as well…. near Salton Sea (south california), Mount Saint Helens, also in North Nevada, and at the Arizona / New Mexico border.

Central America needs to be on watch. Vancouver British Columbia , as well as Southern California near Salton Sea… all need to be ready for larger movement in the near term. The vast area being displaced across North America means we should see some noteworthy compensation movement along the edges of the plate boundaries.

West Pacific, be on watch near Japan, and New Zealand. Possibly also include far Western Indonesia as a place to be on guard for large movement.

Europe. Watch North Italy , and the English Channel into South UK.

South America. Watch the area NW of Chile / Peru experiencing the current swarm.

Monitor earthquakes nationally, and internationally here:


Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano impressive lava video:





Fracking induced (man made) earthquakes:


fracking causes earthquakes fracking-in-pinedale

Mount Saint Helens magma chamber recharging:


Figure 10 Mt St Helens lava dome

Yellowstone confirmed rising fast:


mushroom cloud eruption yellowstone old faithful july 14 2014 yellowstone earthquake april 14 2014a

Salton Sea confirmed to be recharging its magma chamber, and elevated to “active” status:


Philippines volcano Mt. Mayon erupted this week:

Indonesias Mt. Slamet erupting now:


New Lava flows in Hawaii prompt Civil Defense Alerts 2nd week of September 2014:

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