10/01/2014 — Earthquake unrest showing GLOBALLY — New swarm in Nevada — Frack quakes increasing

Earthquake and Volcano unrest is showing globally.

September was quite a month, and it looks like October will be a repeat (if not greater than this past month).

Here is a recap of some of the volcanic events over the past 30 days:


As you can see in the above video, a number of Volcanoes erupted over the past month of September, and new threats of eruption now being reported at multiple locations, including Mount Ontake in Japan, and Mount Mayon in the Philippines.

Reports of some possible activity brewing at MOUNT FUJI in Japan.

Even more disturbing, a new report that Mount Saint Helens might be getting ready to erupt again.

Figure 10 Mt St Helens lava dome

New volcanic lava dome building inside Mt. Saint Helens. Picture taken 2013 by USGS


Mount Saint Helens was confirmed to be “recharging” this past year in May of 2014, it should be no surprise that a repressurized magma chamber would stand a risk for eruption.


This new report below (from September 30 2014) talks of a coming possible eruption at Mt. St. Helens:


VANCOUVER, Wash. – Mount St. Helens is sleeping right now, but it’s recharging for the next eruption.

According to John Ewert, a scientist in charge at the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory in Vancouver, the volcano is re-pressurizing and building up magma.

Mount St. Helens last erupted ten years ago after recharging for about 19 years. Ewert says that’s a typical timeframe for a volcano to build itself back up. Some volcanoes, however, can sit quietly for hundreds or thousands of years before they move toward an eruption.

In 2004, geologists had about a week’s notice before a burst at Mount St. Helens. Over the weekend in Japan there was no sign Mount Ontake would erupt. Ewert says that was a small event, but it became deadly since so many people were hiking on the mountain.

Ewert and other scientists are working on a new experiment called Imaging Magma to look underneath St. Helens. Current technology lets researchers look about six miles under the volcano surface. This new project could take them 20 miles deep and give a better understanding of what happens inside.

The project won’t be done for several more years but Ewert compares it to an MRI. His research team hopes to learn more about the systems inside Mount St. Helens and where magma accumulates.

From the outside we might only see some occasional steam coming from the mountain. Inside, it’s one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Eventually, Mount St. Helens will rebuild its peak and look like it did before the big eruption in 1980. That process will take many years and most of us living in the Northwest today will never see it completed.”

 Current activity, and forecast:

Screenshots below show the activity over the past 7 days across the Eastern and Western hemispheres (showing 4.0M and greater).

(click to view full size):

past 72 hours of earthquakes oct 1 2014

The West Pacific clearly showing major movement, causing compensation  movement in adjacent areas along the Pacific plate.  Also, a “back and forth” seems to be occurring from deep events inside the Asthenosphere (in the West Pacific), and shallower larger earthquakes across the plate in Central / South America.

If we look at the activity in the United States, it also tells the tale of the unrest happening globally.

Screenshot below shows the past 72 hours of earthquakes 2.5M and greater in the United States:

72 hours united states earthquakes oct 1 2014

A new earthquake swarm has broke out in North Nevada, near the border of Oregon (at the volcanic rift I reported on for the past several weeks). This new Nevada swarm follows this past weeks activity, due South near Mammoth Mountain / Mono Lake California.

Hundreds of earthquakes occurred this past week at the dormant Long Valley Caldera.

Watch the video from last week showing the California volcanic swarm:

After seeing all this new volcanic unrest develop over the past few weeks, and after seeing a dramatic increase in 4.0M – 5.0M earthquakes across the ENTIRE planet……. this leads me to issue a few warnings for prone areas due large movement in the near term (4-5 days).

Very large movement may come to Central America and South America.  Watch the silent area South of Baja near Mexico City.  Also, South Chile directly along the coast.

Moderate to heavy movement will most likely occur in the Pacific Northwest United States.  Dormant volcanoes are spots which may have activity.  This includes 100-200 miles off the coast of Oregon in the fresh lavic fields.

Vancouver British Columbia, be on watch for possible noteworthy movement.

Midwest movement is getting out of hand.  Oklahoma, Kansas, and even again in South Colorado experiencing dozens of earthquakes — ALL ARE FRACKING OPERATIONS.

Screenshot proofs of each fracking operation are below.

Earthquakes topping out at 4.2M in Oklahoma.  Serious activity at operations which were never “supposed” to produce earthquake activity.  September 30th proved to be an active day for fracking earthquakes.

Oklahoma fracking 4.2M earthquake / September 30, 2014:

4.2m fracking oklahoma earthquake sept 30 2014

Colorado fracking 2.9M earthquake / September 30, 2014:

colorado 2.9m earthquake september 30 2014 fracking

Kansas fracking 3.9M earthquake / September 30, 2014:

kansas fracking earthquake september 30 2014 3.9M


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