10/09/2014 — 5.5M earthquake strikes Scotland — Abnormal Activity — CENSORED by USGS and BGS — DORMANT VOLANCO AT EPICENTER

Video here:


Scotland, not normally known for its seismic activity, experienced a 5.5 magnitude earthquake.

The USGS and British Geological Survey are BOTH ignoring this event, both sites not listing the earthquake.

Apparently they don’t want people to know this occurred.

5.5m earthquake scotland oct 9 2014

Here are the statistics from the EMSC (europeans):


EMSC has now removed the page above… Google Cache for it here:


Magnitude M 5.5
Date time 2014-10-09 19:15:21.2 UTC
Location 56.70 N , 6.39 W
Depth 120 km
Distances 308 km N of Douglas, Isle of Man / pop: 26,218 / local time: 20:15:21.2 2014-10-09
214 km NW of Edinburgh, United Kingdom / pop: 435,791 / local time: 20:15:21.2 2014-10-09
95 km NW of Lochgilphead, United Kingdom / pop: 2,272 / local time: 20:15:21.2 2014-10-09
65 km NW of Oban, United Kingdom / pop: 8,081 / local time: 20:15:21.2 2014-10-09

If you check the charts in the UK, or the USGS… coincidentally the charts are “off” during this time, or show nothing.


Very strange.

Here is a zoom in on the location:

scotland earthquake oct 9 2014


Past 72 hours of earthquakes from the USGS (4.0M and greater), clearly the entire region has moved rather noticeably over the past few days: (the 5.5M in Scotland not showing)

past 72 hours mid atlantic ridge oct 10 2014

As it turns out, upon review of the location on Google Earth satellite imagery, there is an old dormant volcano at the earthquake epicenter (8 miles away).

scotland volcano a

scotland earthquake oct 9 2014 volcano

scotland volcano a1

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