10/10/2014 — New Protests and HEAVY Riot Police — South St. Louis Missouri — RAW video

Watch the video here:

A new round of protests, rioting, and clashing with up-armored police took place here in Saint Louis Missouri.



This time, the protesters took to the streets of SOUTH St. Louis, just 1/2 mile or so from my house!

The “new” protests are in regards to a new shooting which occurred in South STL.  An armed teenager is reported to have taken multiple shots at an off duty police officer.  The officer returned fired, killing the teen.

The protesters are upset , saying this is a “race” issue.  Chanting the Michael Brown “Hands up don’t shoot” slogan , while saying “this is what DEMOCRACY looks like”.

Multiple dozens of police officers, riot police, plain clothes officers, helicopters, armored vehicles, ambulances, and a mobile command unit were all on scene.

grand arsenal riots

Apparently, the protesters don’t know the teen was armed, as conflicting reports from main stream media said the teen was “holding a sandwich”.   The sandwich report conflicts with all other accounts, which say the teen fired first at the officer.

Teen fired 3 shots, officer fired 17 in the exchange.

Main stream media report here:



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