10/11/2014 — USGS and BGS caught red handed! CENSORING the Scotland 5.5M Volcanic Earthquake

On October 9th, 2014 a very rare earthquake in Northwest Scotland UK, showed up on the EMSC (european) earthquake feeds.

scotland earthquake oct 9 2014

Above: Screenshot of earthquake 3D EMSC earthquake feed from October 9 2014 , showing a 5.5M earthquake off the NW shores of Scotland UK


The USGS mysteriously had most of its charts go “blank” about 20 minutes before this event occurred.  The British Geologic Survey literally showed nothing, and didn’t answer direct questions from the public.

Lucky for us, the information is still available even though the agencies scrubbed their websites!!

Here is the scientific proof that an event DID occur, and was registered on multiple stations up to 400 miles away.

censorship bustsed

Above: Screenshots of the Rapid Raw Strong Motion earthquake sensors in the region show MULTIPLE stations detected the 5.5 magnitude Scotland Earthquake, however the USGS and BGS chose to censor this information


The depth @ 120km would explain why few shake reports came in.

Contrary to the USGS and BGS… the EMSC reported the event, and had it on their main page for almost 2 days after.  Then removed without any notice .

Watch the video I made showing the event here:

The extinct / dormant volcano at the earthquake epicenter can be seen by a cursory search of the area in question.  The ancient volcanic complex is just 8 miles East of the earthquake location.

scotland volcano a

scotland earthquake oct 9 2014 volcano

When I reported on this earthquake several people said I “made it up” , as they couldn’t find the information on the USGS website, or BGS site.

Nevermind the fact that the original earthquake was reported by the EMSC, most people don’t know anything other than the USGS exists, therefore they didn’t know (or think to) look up other sources for seismic data.

As most lemmings might do, if the “government” doesn’t confirm something, it therefore must not have happened.  LOL @ the logic of denying earthquakes / seismic readings on charts.

Nevertheless, the “professionals” pretended this earthquake did not occur, and even flat out denied anything happened when asked by several of my viewers via email questions to the BGS (reported on my facebook page).

As it turns out, the readings for the event are still available, and prove that the 5.5 magnitude movement DID occur at about 120km depth — picked up at ALL the stations in the region.


The charts do not lie, but the political managers inside these agencies sure do!

See for yourself, you don’t have to take my word for it.

Station 1:

Station 2:

Station 3:

Station 4:

Station 5:

Station 6:

Station 7:


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