10/31/2014 — Snow reaches the Southern United States — Snow in Georgia on Halloween

Video report here:

Odd weather is afoot.

The polar vortex has already returned!!  A cold arctic blast pushing far South …. bringing snow / ice to Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky,Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio.


Freeze warnings issued as far South as the Gulf Coast in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida’s panhandle!

On halloween?  October 31st?!

snow in the south oct 31 2014 a

If you are a reader, or viewer of my findings online — you already know that the North Pole has rapidly frozen over (already), and you know that NASA has confirmed the South Pole to have record levels of icepack (both on and off land).


Ironic that NASA is the one reporting this, since (in 2007) they said the North Pole could be ICE FREE by 2013!


If you don’t believe NASA saying the South pole is at a record level, see the evidence yourself.


The icepack shown in my video 10 days ago on October 21:

Then, in just 8 days time, the open areas of the North Pole are covered in thick icepack … seen on October 29 here:


It looks like this year is going to have a long, cold winter , similar to last years (if not worse) — remember last year?



My report from last winter (2013):

Monitor severe weather here:



Screenshots of the North Pole Ice pack growth, and the record South Pole coverage:

sea icea (2)



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