11/01/2014 — 6.0M earthquake strikes Easter Island Region — South Pacific Unrest

A 6.0M earthquake has struck the South Pacific, in the Easter Island Region.

Above:  A 6.0M earthquake strikes the Easter Island region (Nov 1 2014)

Above: A 6.0M earthquake strikes the Easter Island region (Nov 1 2014)

Higher resolution screenshot of the event from Earthquake3D:

6.0m earthquake nov 1 2014

Over the past few months we’ve seen a dramatic increase in activity near the Easter Island region in the South Pacific.

This activity is not fully unexpected, although rare in comparison to the past several years.

The reason I say it is “not fully unexpected” is due to the “global surge” in earthquakes currently underway.  Watch my video on the newly acknowledged “global surge” here:

Past activity has included a few larger events:

earthquake argentina 6.1 march 5 20121a

Above: March 5, 2012 .. 6.1M earthquake in South Pacific


past 24 hours of earthquake 4 6.0M april 15 2012

Above: April 15, 2012 6.2M earthquake, and two mid 5.0M+ events


5.4 easter island april 20 2014

Above: 5.4M earthquake strikes near Easter Island on EASTER DAY 2014 (April 20 2014)

Current stats on the most recent 6.0M from the USGS:


M6.0 – Easter Island region 2014-11-01 10:59:55 UTC

USGS information on this most recent 6.0 magnitude earthquake :

Event Time

  1. 2014-11-01 10:59:55 UTC
  2. 2014-11-01 03:59:55 UTC-07:00 at epicenter
  3. 2014-11-01 05:59:55 UTC-05:00 system time


31.823°S 111.180°W depth=10.0km (6.2mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 544km (338mi) SSW of Hanga Roa, Chile
  2. 3473km (2158mi) W of Lebu, Chile
  3. 3482km (2164mi) W of Ancud, Chile
  4. 3492km (2170mi) W of Chonchi, Chile
  5. 1995km (1240mi) ESE of Adamstown, Pitcairn

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