11/20/2014 — Cluster of asteroid fragments heading away from Sun – detected on SOHO solar observatory

Video here:

On November 19, 2014 (20:42UTC) a cluster of debris was detected heading away from the Sun on the SOHO solar observatory LASCO C3 camera.

Each object appearing fairly large in comparison to Earth, all heading in the same direction , seen for only ONE frame due to the camera feed cutting out for several hours after this image appears (what are the chances ? )

asteroid fragments november 19 2014 SOHO LASCO C3

These objects are not to be confused with regular particle activity seen on the camera. Most likely asteroid debris of some kind.  If these were comets, the tails would be facing AWAY from the Sun.  Oddly, if these are asteroid fragments then they are very large.

(click to view full size)

asteroid fragments nov 20 2014


These objects do NOT appear to be Earth directed at the moment, however a detailed count reveals about 18 different objects — meaning there are now at least 18 more new inner solar system asteroids to worry about.

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