11/22/2014 — Past 7 days of Earthquakes shows Global Unrest underway

MAJOR damage in Japan from yesterdays 6.7M earthquake. Video here:

japan earthquake damage nov 22 2014

Original video update here:

November 22 2014:

A 6.8M earthquake struck in Japan (now revised by the USGS to 6.2M), and also a 6.3M earthquake struck Central China.

This comes on top of the 6.8M in New Zealand, the 7.2M in New Guinea, and multiple 6.0M earthquakes across the West Pacific…. all occurring in just 7 days time.

past 7 days of earthquakes november 22 2014

Above: GIF of the past 7 days of earthquakes 4.0M+ globally, unprecedented activity showing (up to Nov 22 2014 730pm CST)


If we add in the multiple dozens of 5.0M+ and 4.0M+ events, then we start to see the “Global Surge” the professionals are talking about.

The professionals held a full conference on the topic of the obvious global unrest taking place — calling it a “Global Surge” of seismic, and volcanic activity.

The cause of the unrest is still unknown.

(click to view full size):

past 7 days 4.0m greater nov 22 2014

Monitor earthquakes nationally, and internationally here:


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