12/30/2014 — Drilling on California fault lines? 3.9M earthquake strikes Los Angeles offshore drilling operation

A 3.9M earthquake struck in the late afternoon (December 30, 2014) near three offshore drilling rigs located due South of Los Angeles California.

Any time we see movement above 3.0M in the Los Angeles area, we need to make note of possible subsequent movement in the region.

california drilling rig earthquake dec 30 2014


These operations are being referred to as “beta” wells as they come from the “beta unit fields” South of LA.

Seen on this map here, the gas/oil plays are also along several fault lines.  Thus, they are drilling INTO FAULT LINES to extract oil, and natrual gas.  Not the smartest idea in my personal opinion.




Three deep drilling platforms seen on google Earth near the earthquake epicenter  “Eureka, Elly, and Ellen” are the named drill locations.

There may be other drill sites closer to the earthquake epicenter, which have not been imaged on google Earth yet.  These wells are 8-9 miles from the listed USGS coordinates of the event.


Pacific Platform Operators



Beta Field/Beta Unit

Platform Ellen
District: California
Location: Offshore Long Beach, CA
Installed: 01-15-80
Lease OCS-P 0300
First Production: 1-13-1981
Distance to Land: 8.6 miles
Well Slots: 80
Water Depth: 265′
Cum. Oil Production: 43,923,263 bbls
Cum. Gas Production: 15,108,486 mcfNote: Platform Ellen is a production platform connected by a walkway to Platform Elly, a processing platform for both Ellen and Eureka.


Platform Elly
District: California
Location: Offshore Long Beach, CA
Installed: 3-12-1980Lease OCS-P 0300
First Production: None, Processing Facility
Distance to Land: 8.6 miles
Well Slots: N/A
Water Depth: 255′

Note: Platform Elly is connected by a walkway to Platform Ellen as shown in the photo above. Elly processes production from Platforms Ellen and Eureka.



Platform Eureka

District: California
Location: Offshore Long Beach, CA
Installed: 7-8-1984

Lease OCS-P 0301
First Production: 3-17-1985
Distance to Land: 9.0 miles
Well Slots: 60
Water Depth: 700′
Cum. Oil Production: 37,940,390 bbls
Cum. Gas Production: 8,239,428 mcf



This image shows on google earth at the location.

oil eureka platform california


Overall, we can expect the movement to continue in the region, especially due to the movement occurring along the edge of the Craton, as well as the excessive movement happening around the Pacific plate.

Indeed it is not just the fracking / drilling operations we need to be watching, but also the dormant volcanoes (salton sea, mono lake, clear lake, mammoth mountain etc..) for movement in the near term.

48 hours earthquakes dec 30 2014

12/23/2014 — New Northrop Grumman Commercial — NORTHROP KLINGON? Star Trek tech on the horizon

A regular defense contractor promo right up until the end.

Then, something is hinted at – could ‘star trek’ be on the horizon?

In this video, next generation flight is not just on the horizon, but flying overhead.  Cheers to that!

After watching the video, I looked at the shape in the cloud, and listened closely — I thought I might have seen that shape before somewhere…

Then it dawned on me!

northrop klingon

Sounds, and LOOKS like “klingons” to me ! 🙂 LOL !


12/22/2014 — Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland could collapse — already subsided 56 Meters (183 feet)!

Iceland has been undergoing a long term powerful eruption occurring at Bardarbunga Volcano.

Here is video of the eruption from September, when the lava flow began in earnest:

Here is video of the Eruption from last month in November 2014, still going strong:

The Holuhraun eruption has produced some VERY impressive lava flows, and also has caused thousands of noteworthy earthquakes in the 4.0M – upper 5.0M range.

The earthquakes have been occurring along the new volcanic fissure, as well as areas around the deep lava chamber located below the Bardarbunga volcanic complex.

Here is a plot of the earthquakes from September to December 2014.

This animation below clearly shows the progression of the earthquakes along the fissure zone, and also shows the movement near the volcanic chambers directly:

On top of the above confirmed lava flow activity, a new report from volcanologists in Iceland states that the CALDERA IS COLLAPSING at Bardarbunga.

“19 December 2014 12:00 – from the Scientific Advisory Board

Yesterday, 18 December, scientists flew over Bárðarbunga. The data collected in the flight show that the subsidence of the caldera continues with similar rate as before and amounts to about 56 m in total from the onset of the unrest. The total volume of the caldera subsidence is estimated to be about 1.7 km³. Minutes from the meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board (pdf 0.4 Mb)

bardarbunga 1ab


The reports say that an area the size of 2km at Bardarbunga has “subsided” (collapsed) by 56m / 183 feet since the eruption began.  The caldera will reach a critical mass, once the weight above exceeds the support of the chamber below, then entire area will subside / collapse rapidly.
This is a huge area to collapse.   As we’ve seen in OTHER collapses, when the surface collapses into the emptying caldera, a large eruption ensues.


Graphic released by the Icelandic government shows the area of collapse from September, to December. The collapse is picking up in pace as of the past few weeks.


“The volcanic eruption has now been going on for over three months, the lava flow is still great in Holuhraun and the rate of the  subsidence of the Bardarbunga caldera is still significant.
Three scenarios are considered most likely:
1. The eruption in Holuhraun continues until the subsidence of the Bardarbunga caldera stops. The eruption can still go on for many months.
2. The volcanic fissure may lengthen southwards under  Dyngjujokull, resulting in a jokulhlaup (rapid glacier meltoff) and an ash-producing  eruption.  It is also possible that eruptive fissures could develop in another location under the glacier. If such an eruption would be prolonged it could eventually produce a lava flow.
3. Volcanic eruption in the Bardarbunga caldera. Such an eruption would melt large quantities of ice, leading to a major jokulhlaup, accompanied by ash fall”

See the 2011 collapse of Pu’u’ O’o’ caldera in Hawaii as an example of what can occur when the chamber below the volcano gives way to the weight above.


Keep in mind, Pu’u O’o is MUCH smaller in size compared to Bardarbunga in Iceland.  Hawaii’s volcano being just a few hundred meters across, whereas Bardarbunga is MILES across – literally 200  km (120 mi) long and 25 km(16 mi) wide.

2km of the 200km region is subsiding.

Pay NO attention to that man behind the curtain….. Ask about Illuminati



Nothing to see here folks, keep moving!  NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

There sure have been a LOT of actors, musicians, and others who have come out “making fun of” or “denying” the illuminati recently.

Denying the illuminati by mocking the subject, or on the other hand – literally embracing it.  All the while, they use the hand signs, wear the symbols, and brag about being involved.

ask about illuminati

Yes, even Scrooge Mcduck told children to “ask about illuminati” back in the days of Disney’s Duck tales.

Every person in media either knows, or is somewhat involved with this confirmed conspiracy.

Apparently Madonna just came out with a new song, telling everyone the Illuminati is NOT what the common knowledge says they are.   According to the main stream media, the song titled “illuminati” was leaked to the public.

Listen to Madonna rap every illuminati buzzword in one of her six new songs



“It’s not Jay Z and Beyoncé
It’s not Nicki or Lil Wayne
It’s not Oprah and Obama
The Pope and Rihanna
Queen Elizabeth or Kanye

It’s not pentagrams or witchcraft
It’s not triangles or stacks of cash
Black magic or Gaga, Gucci or Prada
Riding on the golden calf

The all-seeing eye is watching tonight
That’s what it is tonight, truth and the light
The all-seeing eye is watching tonight
Nothing to hide, secrets inside
It’s like everybody in this party, shining like illuminati
It’s like everybody in this party, shining like illuminati

It’s the enlightenment that started it all
The founding fathers wrote it down on the wall
And now the media’s misleading us all
To right and to wrong
It’s time to dance and turn this dark into something
So let the fire burn, this music is bumping
We’re gonna live forever, love never dies
It starts tonight

Behind the curtain of the new world order
It’s not platinum-encrypted corners
It’s not Isis or the phoenix,
The pyramids of Egypt
Don’t make it into something sordid
It’s not Steve Jobs or Bill Gates
It’s not the Google of United States
It’s not Bieber or LeBron, Clinton or Bond
or anyone you love to hate”

This move by Madonna is on top of Jim Carrey recently doing something similar:

And on top of Weird Al Yankovic doing a whole song on the subject recently:

What are they so scared of that they need to make such a public push to “debunk” it without actually debunking anything.

As a matter of fact, they’re doing what we’d expect them to do after being caught.

Just like the Wizard of Oz, they blow smoke and tell people NOT to pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

Epic fail on their part.

dutchsinse pyramid


12/19/2014 — New Hawaii Lava Flow heading towards Pahoa Market — Evacuations underway

Latest video of the lava flow here: (December 18-19, 2014)


Pahoa Hawaii has been covered once by lava already this year. Several of my viewers may remember the impressive HD videos coming from Hawaii in the fall of this year (2014).

Here are a few animated GIF’s to jog your memory, or to recap if you’re a newcomer to this information:

hawaii puna lava flow november 17 2014

puna lava flow new outbreak november 29 2014



The above seen flows of lava covered the Northern portion of the town in a thick layer of molten rock.  Now, yet another outbreak of the flow is heading towards the main marketplace.

The new outbreak of lava is coming from a volcanic fissure which opened on the flanks of Pu’u’ O’o crater (part of the Kilauea volcanic complex), the newest flow has been moving up to 250 yards per day towards the Northeast in the general direction of the town of Pahoa, Hawaii marketplace.

Currently the flow is less than 1 mile North of Pahoa.

Latest Flyover here:


Watch all my past lava flow / volcanic eruption videos here:





This is an eruption and lava flow information update for Thursday December 18th at 4:00 PM.

This afternoon’s assessment shows that the flow front remains active and continues to advance in an east-northeast direction however may be slowing. The active flow had advanced approximately 50 yards since 6:30 this morning and the front remains approximately 0.8 miles upslope of the Highway 130 and Pahoa Village Road intersection. Current activity does not pose an immediate threat to area communities and Civil Defense and Hawaiian Volcano Observatory personnel are maintaining close observations of flow activity. Residents and businesses down slope will be kept informed of any changes in flow activity, advancement, and status. As the flow activity continues to show signs of advancement, businesses in the Pahoa Market Place are taking necessary steps to prepare for a possible evacuation. Motorists are advised to drive with caution and to be prepared for increased traffic and large vehicles in the area.

Smoke conditions in the immediate area were light to moderate with a light trade wind blowing the smoke in a south/southeast direction. Smoke conditions may increase in some areas and individuals who may be sensitive or have respiratory problems are advised to take necessary precautions and to remain indoors.

Additional updates will be broadcast as conditions change.

On behalf of the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency and our partners we would like to thank everyone for your assistance and cooperation.

Civil Defense Lava Flow Map – Updated Thursday, 12/18/14 at 7:00 am

Civil Defense Lava Flow Map – Updated Thursday, 12/18/14 at 7:00 am
Civil Defense Lava Flow Map – Updated Thursday, 12/18/14 at 7:00 am


Hawaii Volcano Observatory updates here:


“December 18, 2014 — Kīlauea

Active flow front continues downslope towards northeast


 Above: The leading tip of active lava on the June 27th flow continues downslope, through thick vegetation, towards the northeast. The active front this morning was 1 km (0.6 miles) upslope of Pahoa Marketplace, as measured along the line of steepest descent.



 Above: This photo looks downslope towards Highway 130. The leading tip of the flow has widened over the past few days, and branched into two fingers – both of which are heading in the same general northeast direction.



 Above: This shows a comparison of a normal photograph looking downslope with a thermal image. The white box shows the rough extent of the thermal image. In the thermal image, white and yellow pixels show active surface lava, which is focused along the leading edge of the flow.



Above: In addition to active surface lava at the leading tip of the flow, breakouts were active about 2 km (1.2 miles) upslope of the leading tip. These breakouts were scattered and feeding several small lobes.



Above: Even farther upslope, in the area of ground cracks, there were two small breakouts burning vegetation on the north margin of the flow. This photograph looks west, and Puʻu ʻŌʻō can be seen on the horizon.




Above: Still farther upslope, about 3 km (roughly 2 miles) northeast of Puʻu ʻŌʻō, scattered breakouts were active.

Above: A comparison of a normal photograph and a thermal image showing an HVO geologist collecting an active lava sample. The lava is quenched in the bucket of water. Lava samples like this are routinely collected for chemical analysis, which provides insight into the magmatic system feeding the eruption.”