12/02/2014 — NEW Hawaii lava flow breaks out next to previous event — Moving 1200ft. per day

A new outbreak of lava has occurred along the Puna / Kilauea / Pu’u O’o volcanic fissure flow.

puna lava flow new outbreak november 29 2014

The new lava flow is running parallel to the original spread, offset to the East by approximately 3/4 mile to 1mile.  Currently passing over an older flow from 2007 called an ʻaʻā flow. (pronounced ah-ah… meaning sharp basalt rock formation)

puna lava flow december 2 2014

Above: The new lava flow outbreak is pressing slightly East of the original flow, moving currently at approx. 1200 feet per day down slope. Heading the same general direction as before, only slightly East of last months flow.



Above: Helicopter view of the new lava flow, plus a thermal of the same area — the new lava flow much more narrow than the first flow from Sept/Oct, however staying confined to a narrow channel is not the most ideal situation. The narrow channel of lava hardens on the top, forming a lava tube — which remains much hotter, and more “liquid” (less viscous) as it travels down the hollow pipe it creates for itself, thus moving a further distance in a shorter amount of time.

Originally, in September 2014 , a large fissure opened on the flank of Pu’u O’o crater (part of the Kilauea volcanic complex).   The fissure has released a multiple month long flow of lava.

The original lava flow reached the town of Pahoa Hawaii, which led to evacuations, and eventually covered areas of the town in a thick layer of molten rock.

Taking out everything in its path, the lava flow finally slowed once it reached the outskirts of downtown Pahoa.

(two GIF’s from the lava flow hitting Pahoa, Hawaii – November 2014)


hawaii puna lava flow november 17 2014

Now,  yet again, a new flow heads in the general direction of the town of Pahoa.  Let’s hope it spreads out, and loses steam rather quickly.  Otherwise, we’ll be looking at Pahoa evacuations v2.0 .

Most recent video from November 29, 2014 here:

Color composites of the newest flow here:

Here is the newest update from the USGS :


“The breakouts that began about two weeks ago near the area of ground cracks continued to advance downslope over the past week, creating a new lobe on the June 27th lava flow. This lobe is a short distance west of the earlier portion of the June 27th flow that reached Pāhoa.

The new lobe advanced about 2.8 km (1.7 miles) over the past week, which is equivalent to about 400 meters per day (0.25 miles per day). A narrow lava channel was active this morning at the leading tip of the new lobe. The leading tip of this active lobe was 4.6 km (2.9 miles) upslope from the intersection of Highway 130 and Pāhoa Village Road (the intersection by Pahoa Marketplace).



A closer look at the narrow lava channel near the leading tip of the active lobe. The channel consists of both open sections as well as sections that are crusted over, forming a lava tube.



A small breakout was also active on the upslope portion of the June 27th lava flow. The pāhoehoe lava was flowing over an ʻaʻā flow from late 2007.

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