12/09/2014 — Gaithersburg Maryland plane crash NEXT TO US ARMY RESERVE LEGAL COMMAND HQ

December 8, 2014

A private jet crashed in Gaithersburg Maryland.  The aircraft, which was carrying 3 people, nose-dived into a residential subdivision, and struck two houses.  Six people are reported to have been killed.


3 people were reported to be on the plane, one of which is a former manager from the CDC (centers for disease control) named Michael J. Rosenberg.  Three people reported in one of the houses struck.

I decided to go look up the area on google Earth to see how close the airport was to the crash site.

Upon review of the crash site, I am wondering why none of the news stories mention the plane crashed directly next to the US Army reserves LEGAL COMMAND!  Literally, the plane crash site is 350 feet from the building.

us army legal command plane crash

legal command hq


Why would the media leave out this important fact?!  US Army legal COMMAND Headquarters was 350ft from the crash site?

Indeed it is weird that all the news outlets would omit this location nearby.


Above: The type of jet which crashed – Embraer EMB-500/Phenom 100 twin-engine jet

Rosenberg also ironically crashed his plane in Gaithersburg on March 1, 2010.   Making this the second time he crashed in Gaithersburg Maryland.  First time was a turbo-prop aircraft.

This 2nd (fatal) crash happened in a jet aircraft:

Photos taken by firefighters from the 2010 crash at the same airport in Maryland:

plane3 73272_4bc8ac187d519N700ZR

One story below gets a quote from Patrick Philips

Another story gets a quote from Pete Piringer.

And yet another story gets a quote from Jacqui Jeras.

To top the extra doses of “double trouble” , the crash happened on/near Snouffer School road.

Ultra-double trouble.  What is double trouble you might ask?  Watch and learn.

Main stream news reports here:




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