12/30/2014 — Drilling on California fault lines? 3.9M earthquake strikes Los Angeles offshore drilling operation

A 3.9M earthquake struck in the late afternoon (December 30, 2014) near three offshore drilling rigs located due South of Los Angeles California.

Any time we see movement above 3.0M in the Los Angeles area, we need to make note of possible subsequent movement in the region.

california drilling rig earthquake dec 30 2014


These operations are being referred to as “beta” wells as they come from the “beta unit fields” South of LA.

Seen on this map here, the gas/oil plays are also along several fault lines.  Thus, they are drilling INTO FAULT LINES to extract oil, and natrual gas.  Not the smartest idea in my personal opinion.




Three deep drilling platforms seen on google Earth near the earthquake epicenter  “Eureka, Elly, and Ellen” are the named drill locations.

There may be other drill sites closer to the earthquake epicenter, which have not been imaged on google Earth yet.  These wells are 8-9 miles from the listed USGS coordinates of the event.


Pacific Platform Operators



Beta Field/Beta Unit

Platform Ellen
District: California
Location: Offshore Long Beach, CA
Installed: 01-15-80
Lease OCS-P 0300
First Production: 1-13-1981
Distance to Land: 8.6 miles
Well Slots: 80
Water Depth: 265′
Cum. Oil Production: 43,923,263 bbls
Cum. Gas Production: 15,108,486 mcfNote: Platform Ellen is a production platform connected by a walkway to Platform Elly, a processing platform for both Ellen and Eureka.


Platform Elly
District: California
Location: Offshore Long Beach, CA
Installed: 3-12-1980Lease OCS-P 0300
First Production: None, Processing Facility
Distance to Land: 8.6 miles
Well Slots: N/A
Water Depth: 255′

Note: Platform Elly is connected by a walkway to Platform Ellen as shown in the photo above. Elly processes production from Platforms Ellen and Eureka.



Platform Eureka

District: California
Location: Offshore Long Beach, CA
Installed: 7-8-1984

Lease OCS-P 0301
First Production: 3-17-1985
Distance to Land: 9.0 miles
Well Slots: 60
Water Depth: 700′
Cum. Oil Production: 37,940,390 bbls
Cum. Gas Production: 8,239,428 mcf



This image shows on google earth at the location.

oil eureka platform california


Overall, we can expect the movement to continue in the region, especially due to the movement occurring along the edge of the Craton, as well as the excessive movement happening around the Pacific plate.

Indeed it is not just the fracking / drilling operations we need to be watching, but also the dormant volcanoes (salton sea, mono lake, clear lake, mammoth mountain etc..) for movement in the near term.

48 hours earthquakes dec 30 2014

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