1/11/2015 — Atlantic Ridge in flux from North Pole to Southern Hemisphere — East coast watch heightened

On top of my current United States earthquake watch (along the edge of the craton), we need to be on watch along the East Coast , along the Eastern edge of the craton.

Watch the update from yesterday (covering the US movement + new watch) here:

The Mid-Atlantic ridge is in a state of heavy flux.

(I personally haven’t seen this in my time covering events online – this is a first for me to report).

Today, January 11 2015, over the past 24 hours, a series of noteworthy earthquakes has occurred from near the North Pole, and have now spanned over 6,500 miles along the ridge into the Southern Hemisphere.

mid atlantic ridge finally moving jan 11 2015

Literally, multiple moderate/large seismic events in less than 24 hours time spanning most of the Mid-Atlantic ridge.

5.4M near the North Pole along the North Mid-Atlantic ridge:


Two earthquakes in Iceland directly upon the Mid-Atlantic ridge which runs across the island:



One event South of Iceland along the Mid-Atlantic ridge:


Two 5.0M in the same location in the South Atlantic along the ridge:



What does this sudden widespread movement mean?

Simply put, I don’t quite yet know, but I am indeed watching closely to see what transpires over the next several hours (going into tomorrow / January 12, 2015).

If you watched my most recent earthquake update, you know I’m already watching the East coast for movement due to pressure coming from the WEST (fracking ops, and Pacific Northwest movement pushing the plate to the East).

Now, this new pressure is popping off VERY quickly across a vast area (6500+ miles apart).. from 77.392°N 7.645°E to 16.845°S 14.470°W .

This means new pressure is now being placed on the North American plate from the East (Atlantic), and the ongoing pressure from the West (Pacific) is already present will be now pressing the plate from both sides.

swarms jan 10 2015 earthquakes

This should be putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the Eastern portion of the craton.. meaning we need to watch the East coast for possible movement , or watch the CENTRAL mid-Atlantic for larger movement as the ridge is in obvious flux at the moment.

I certainly hope things calm down a bit along the Atlantic, to see this flurry of activity happen so quickly, across such a vast area , is certainly enough to get me to raise my eyebrows a bit.

Especially raising my eyebrows towards the areas that are NOT moving yet.

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