A warning on secret societies….

Paris Jackson reveals the truth about Hollywood (hollyweird).

I heard about this when it happened, but was occupied doing my other reports online to actually address the topic.  A topic I’ve done extensive research on myself personally…. the topic of “secret societies”.

Some of you may not have heard (or seen) at the time, Paris Jackson – the daughter of the late Michael Jackson – tweeted a series of cryptic “warnings” about several secret societies immoral activities, and how they all lead back to one overall group….

paris jackson tweets


I decided to pull up the tweets contents today, and mash-up her pictures with a series of well known real life uses of the symbols involved.

Make note of the colors used by the societies as well:

secret society warning from paris jackson

One of the more detailed pictures Paris Jackson drew was of the Order of the Eastern Star (OES).

OES tends to have more female members, however the list of other “girls” or womens organizations can bee see in this graphic on the right (seen in an old graphic depiction of two sides of a stepped pyramid):

OES order of the eastern star

Paris Jacksons tweted pictures also include Freemasonic symbols (the seal of soloman / talisman of saturn / 6 pointed hebrew star), each star point having an eye in it :


Also , she drew a skull giving the “shh”, and the compass/square “G” of the freemasonic order.

Most of these symbols go back HUNDREDS of years, as seen below in a graphic easily searched from the freemasons themselves, showing the symbols of past internal kabbalist sects.


What do all these symbols mean?

Did you know that lodge members actually meditate on the meanings of the symbols?

I’ve actually BEEN to a few lodges myself, here are some pictures of my wife and  I attending a Rosicrucian order meeting here in St. Louis (meeting open to the public showing 14th century “symbols” of the order , and quote ‘how to use them’).

dutchsinse and wife at rosicrucian meeting

seecubedeye dutchsinse and the rosicrucian lodge masters

Needless to say, the Rosicrucian meeting was intriguing.

To head off any rumors at the pass, I went because I was curious, not because I belong to any secret society 🙂  .

That being said, the meeting we attended was NOTHING like this well known video of a leaked freemasonic lodge gathering:


As many of my viewers know, I cover these topics in the hopes of discerning “truth” from “lie” when it comes to an overall “conspiracy” of people working together at high levels behind the scenes.

Also, as my viewers/readers may remember, a series of well known celebrities have come out recently actually invoking the illuminati name directly, and flashing symbols used by secret societies.

See my whole post on the Madonna, Jim Carrey, Jimmy Kimmel, Weird Al “illumianti” disclosure — which is really just a mocking of the whole topic.

dutchsinse pyramid

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