1/28/2015 — Earthquake movement PROVES MODERN GEOLOGY WRONG

Past 7 days of 4.0M and greater earthquakes across the North Pacific show the pressure coming from the Pacific plate spilling down the North American craton edge.

This proof turns most of modern geology on its head. Showing that smaller earthquakes indeed are related over vast distances, and proving that the Pacific plate is pushing the North American plate in the opposite direction than was previously thought.

North America is being moved from the Northwest to the Southeast! This is a huge development to discover!

craton earthquakes jan 28 2015 final

Pressure producing movement from the NW to the SE , terminating at the fracking operations of Oklahoma with multiple 4.0M+ events in the past few days.

Pressure from the entire Pacific plate comes to the Pacific Northwest, and instead of subduction, we’re seeing the plate take the pressure across 2,000 miles , and release at the weak point in the midwest (fracking operations).

earthquake progression 24 hours jan 1 2015

This means tremendous pressure is on the EASTERN and SOUTHWESTERN areas of the Craton.

Salton Sea to Los Angeles, and the East coast from North Carolina to Maine MUST SEE MOVEMENT in the near term.  As we’ve seen in the past, the Northeast + Southwest United States always compensates after this kind of movement to the Northwest.

Past examples here:

First movement to the Northwest:

7 days earthquakes dec 15 2014

Movement in the North is followed by movement to the South:

california drilling rig earthquake dec 30 2014

Movement in the North, and movement in the South displaces North America to the EAST, which causes earthquakes in Yellowstone / Nevada:

3.4m yellowstone jan 25 2015

Above: January 25, 2015 earthquake at Yellowstone precedes midwest multiple 4.0M+ events in Oklahoma

After Yellowstone / Nevada are displaced, we usually see multiple events at the fracking operations of Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas.

past 7 days jan 28 2015 earthquakes

Above: January 28, 2015 shows the edge of the plate displaced from the NW to the Midwest, and back to the NE

Finally after we see movement progress to the Northeast United States we normally hear about reports of ‘mystery booms’ ground shaking events, as well as earthquake swarms on the East coast:

booms jan 25 2015

Over the next several days, near term movement (next 1-3 days tops) should relieve the pressure which is obviously showing right now in Oklahoma via the multiple 4.0M+ events.

In the past 24 hours we’ve seen TWO ADDITIONAL 4.0M+ earthquakes in Oklahoma at the fracking operations.

In the past week there have been a total of THREE 4.0M+ earthquakes in Oklahoma.

craton earthquakes jan 28 2015

Above: January 28, 2015 – Past 7 days of 3.2M+ earthquakes across North America.


I will be doing an earthquake update video soon.

4.3M – http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usc000tj7a…

4.2M – http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usb000tike…

4.0M – http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usb000tilr…

The USGS has downgraded several from the 4.0M range to 3.7 magnitudes….. making a total of FOUR additional 3.7M events:




http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usc000tiry… the past 24 hours we’ve seen TWO ADDITIONAL 4.0M+ earthquakes in Oklahoma at the fracking operations.

The pressure will transfer to the adjacent areas in the next day or two.

Lets hope its just a series of 3.0M-4.0M , if we don’t see movement soon, then the magnitude upon release will be greater (in the 4.0M to mid 5.0M range).

Also, I would expect to see movement along the Pacific Northwest Coast.. somewhere near San Francisco to Oregon Coast for possible LARGER movement (larger than mid 5.0M).

If the pressure dies out from Alaska.. then we can rest a bit more easy… as it stands right now, things are still going strong, thus we need to watch the craton edge, and the origin point of the stress (the Pacific Northwest)… and then watch the area further south (Los Angeles to Salton Sea) for compensation movement for the larger movement that must occur soon.

I say ‘must’ occur, because we have seen this happen multiple times — first the pressure shows in the Pacific Northwest via several moderate to large earthquakes 4.0M swarms (or a single larger event in the 5.0M-6.0M range).

After West coast movement we usually then see movement in adjacent areas to the larger West coast events, usually from Mono Lake California South to Salton Sea / Baja Mexico.

oklahoma non earthquake july 24 2014

Above: July 24, 2014 shows a progression of earthquakes from the NW to the South (towards Salton Sea), and to the Southeast (towards Nevada and Yellowstone).


At the same time we see movement occur to the South in California, we also see the pressure from the West coast “transfer” along the craton edge via a series of earthquakes which span the entire plate over a short amount of time (days or less).

Earthquakes begin occurring on the craton “edge” which compensates for movement coming from the West by “moving” to the East.

oklahoma fracking earthquake july 25 2014

Above: July 25, 2015 a day after the movement to the West, an earthquake swarm kicked back up in Oklahoma (area to the SE of the movement the day before)


First Vancouver BC to Oregon Coast moves, then the areas in the NW (yellowstone / nevada) move, which then moves the area to the Southeast.. (colorado , new mexico, oklahoma, kansas , texas).. which then moves the area to the east (East coast states).

After the pressure releases on the east coast the whole process starts over again in the Pacific Northwest.

The pressure starts building again once the release occurs to the East.


Above: August 24, 2014 large earthquake strikes the West Coast near Napa California, less than one months buildup of pressure released AFTER the pressure reset back to the West coast. This large event set a whole new round of earthquakes in motion across the edge of the craton.

Less than 7 days after the California Napa earthquake, the pressure had transferred East (along the craton edge) yet again, and produced multiple earthquakes in the Colorado / Oklahoma fracking operations.

Colorado had been silent for months… then returned to life after the California Napa event , as the craton is pushed – so are the fracking operations.

colorado fracking earthquake august 31 2014

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