1/30/2015 — BLUE LAVA in Hawaii — Awesome HD pictures released by USGS

The USGS has issued a new updated in regards to the Pahoa, Hawaii lava flow.

To start you off right on this little journey of knowledge, first you should get in the proper mood by listening to Elvis’s “blue hawaii” !  This song will take on a new meaning below in the article 🙂

The “puna lava flow”, coming from a lavic fissure on the flanks of Pu’u’ O’o’ caldera (part of the Kilauea volcano), has steadily progressed over the past several months, covering part of the town of Pahoa in a fresh layer of lava.

Rather dramatic videos show the lava flow progressing, then stalling, then progressing again.

The latest USGS update was released on January 29, 2015.


In their post, they show an awesome high resolution image of the new lava flow, which unlike the previous flows, was stored inside the lava tubes for an extended period… releasing most other gasses while retaining its original heat.

The extended “storage” of this lava produces a glassly blue type of igneous rock known as ‘ pāhoehoe lava ‘ :

This picture is a 6 foot square (for size reference) – click to view full size HD.

Quite literally blue colored lava , this photo has not been color adjusted, original release by the USGS linked below:

blue lava flow hawaii

Above: A closer look at the blue glassy type of pāhoehoe, whose color stands out from the more typical black lava surface on the left side of the photo. For scale the photograph width is about two meters (yards). [source USGS]


blue glass lava flow hawaii

Above: A breakout was active north of the forested cone of Kahaualeʻa. Some of this lava was the “blue glassy” type of pāhoehoe, which often represents lava that has been stored within an inflated flow for several days. [source USGS]


Overall this new lava flow in Hawaii carries on, while currently showing activity near the crater of Pu’u O’o, the downslope flow is creeping along slowly.

I would expect to see a pickup in the flow moving between Pahoa, HI and the town of Ainaloa some time this coming week, as the flow from the fissure travels the lava tubes to create new breaks along the front line perimeter.


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