2/04/2015 — Earthquake Forecast hit — Salton Sea volcanic buttes show movement within 24 hours

New movement now begins at Salton Sea volcanic buttes within 24 hours of issuing the watch for the area.

Movement begins in the area talked about in yesterdays earthquake forecast video, also in the written forecast on my website.

Yesterday, February 3rd into 4th 2015 , I issued this full Earthquake forecast post saying :


“Now that the dormant volcanoes are showing activity, and since we’ve already seen excessive movement along the edge of the craton at the fracking operations of Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas — we can expect 3 things in the United States over the next 3-7 days….

1. Movement to occur on the East coast between the Carolinas, and New York state. Most likely a moderate swarm will occur, as opposed to one single larger release event, but if no swarm occurs, then one larger earthquake will strike between New York and Southeast Quebec (New Brunswick).

2. Movement to become more noteworthy in Southern California. South of Mono Lake to Salton Sea be on watch for moderate movement (hopefully everything will be less than 6.0M!)

3. Expect a larger event from the Coast of Oregon to Vancouver Island BC.”

and further saying:

“Finally, let’s not forget the movement showing at the Salton Sea volcanic buttes (yet again).  When we see the dormant volcanoes show movement up the West coast , and at Yellowstone, we always see additional movement at this ACTIVE volcano in Southern California.

Believe it or not, Salton Sea volcano could erupt if enough earthquake pressure is placed upon the magma chamber.  This is not my assessment, but the professionals take on the situation (see video below)

Today, (approximately 6am CST February 4 2015)  a new moderate earthquake (possible new swarm beginning) at Salton Sea butte volcano in Southern California, just as expected.

salton sea earthquake feb 4 2015

butte full of shit commenter feb 4 2015

We can check #2 on the earthquake forecast list, but do NOT remove it from the list until the forecast time of 7 days is over. We will certainly see more noteworthy movement now that Salton Sea showed up so early.

I had expected a couple of days, not 24 hours. We need to watch Los Angeles to Mono Lake still, as well as Salton Sea to the far Southern edge of the Gulf of California for more movement.

Here are the statistics on the event near Salton Sea:


M3.4 – 38km SE of Calexico, California

Magnitude / uncertainty 3.4 ml± 0.2
Location / uncertainty 32.383°N 115.266°W± 0.7 km
Depth / uncertainty 1.5 km± 1.4
Origin Time 2015-02-04 11:50:53.430 UTC
Number of Stations 21
Number of Phases 30
Minimum Distance 5.53 km (0.05°)
Travel Time Residual 0.37 sec
Azimuthal Gap 122°
FE Region Baja California, Mexico (45)
Review Status AUTOMATIC

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