2/05/2015 — Dormant VOLCANO in Central Utah shows movement — Western Craton activity showing

Just as we were watching for, dormant volcanoes along the Western portion of the craton are now being displaced.

As was stated in this weeks earthquake forecast, now that the Western portion of the craton saw multiple earthquakes along its perimeter, we could expect to see dormant volcanoes begin to show activity.

The newest activity taking place a few miles East of Black Rock Desert volcanic complex.

utah dormant volcano earthquake feb 5 2015

Above: Screenshots of the Earthquake epicenter, and surrounding area show the ONLY nearby volcano just a few miles West of the earthquake in Utah. Dormant volcanoes showing movement across nearly 1,000 miles up the West coast – a sign of the greater pressure currently showing.


Statistics on this earthquake from the USGS:


M3.0 – 4km NW of Richfield, Utah

Magnitudeuncertainty 3.0 ml± 0.1
Locationuncertainty 38.764°N 112.110°W± 0.5 km
Depthuncertainty 7.4 km± 1.1
Origin Time 2015-02-05 07:27:26.820 UTC
Number of Stations
Number of Phases
Minimum Distance
Travel Time Residual
Azimuthal Gap
FE Region Utah (478)

2 days ago, before this new spate of dormant volcanic movement began…… the pressure showing to the West became rather pronounced when looking at the 7 day plot of earthquakes across the region:

craton earthquakes feb 3 2015

3 days ago, we saw movement near the unnamed dormant volcano at the Arizona / New Mexico border.


Above: Google earth view of the dormant volcano experiencing earthquakes at the AZ/NM border


2 days ago, we saw movement near Crater Mountain dormant volcano in California.

crater mountain dormant volcano earthquake feb 3 2015

1 day ago we saw movement near Salton Sea volcanic buttes in South California.

butte full of shit commenter feb 4 2015

Today (Feb 5 2015) we see the movement at this dormant volcano (The Cinders at Black Rock Desert) in Utah.

This is not a coincidence, and should be noted for what it is.  It is a sign of greater pressure building to the West by Northwest, leading credence to a possibly larger event on the NW Coast of the United States as the source of the pressure displacing the entire West Coast (currently).


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