2/05/2015 — Earthquake Forecast hit — New York / East coast minor movement begins on schedule

Breaking news… just as expected minor earthquake movement now begins on the East coast.

A 2.0 Magnitude (1.9/1.8M revised) struck New York State today, February 5, 2015.

breaking news east coast earthquake new york feb 5 2015

This earthquake occurred exactly in the middle of the region warned, specifically in the state warned twice in the video made 2 days ago (on February 3, 2015).

Quote the forecast description below the video titled: ”

2/3/2015 — Earthquake Forecast — West coast AND East coast watch

“The dormant volcanic movement, and fracking operation movement means we need to watch the far Pacific Northwest ,from the Coast of Oregon to Vancouver Island BC, also watch Los Angeles to Salton Sea…. and finally (for the US) watch the East coast from the Carolinas to New York state. And watch New York state to SE Quebec in addition.

Midwest (Oklahoma and Kansas) are due for a borderline 5.0M event in the near future.”


So far, out of the areas named in the forecast from 2 days ago, another 4.3M earthquake has struck Oklahoma, moderate movement hit near Salton Sea, and now New York state shows activity

Earthquakes can indeed be forecast, and I hope to teach you all the method by repetition.


East coast earthquake forecast video from February 3 here:

At 13min 27sec in this above video named out the areas to watch for movement to begin on the East Coast.

New York state earthquake information from the USGS:


Magnitude / uncertainty 1.8 ml± 0.2
Location / uncertainty 43.666°N 74.087°W± 0.4 km
Depth / uncertainty 5.0 km± 31.6
Origin Time 2015-02-05 14:55:13.080 UTC
Number of Stations 19
Number of Phases 34
Minimum Distance 35.93 km (0.32°)
Travel Time Residual 0.3 sec
Azimuthal Gap 65°
FE Region New York (472)
Review Status MANUAL

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