2/06/2015 — Bright Aurora Borealis seen in Hawaii from the USGS Kilauea Volcano webcam

A few intense ripples of Aurora Borealis were seen from the USGS Pu’u O’o crater (kilauea) volcano mountaintop webcam.


Above: 200% zoom in on the USGS mountaintop Pu’u O’o Kilauea Crater North rim webcam shows some intense green filaments in the sky. As of yet, unconfirmed bright Aurora Borealis.


This is something we normally don’t see on the USGS feeds, meaning the Aurora must be fairly bright to outshine the nearby lava vents.

Click below to view full size panorama : (green aurora can be see on the left side of the image from the USGS webcam)


Check the feeds here (for the next few hours these images should be viewable until fade out as daylight draws near).


Select the Multi-frame North Rim Pu’u O’o cam.

aurora feb 6 2015 hawaii

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