2/08/2015 — Forecast hit — 4.9 magnitude Earthquake strikes South of Salton Sea California

The 7 day earthquake forecast from February 3, 2015 has panned out fully (already, with 2 days left to go).

As of 745pm February 8, 2015  , a  borderline 5.0M (4.9 magnitude) earthquake has struck South of Salton Sea in Baja Mexico – across the California border.

5.0 southern california feb 8 2015

This was fully expected by anyone who has been watching, reading, or listening to the recent earthquake forecast(s) which called for the area from Los Angeles Southwards to North Baja Gulf of California.

This 4.9 magnitude earthquake occurred due South of the dormant volcano which showed movement just a few days ago.

See the screenshot below, showing the volcano fairly close by which experienced movement four days ago (February 4, 2015).

butte full of shit commenter feb 4 2015

Seismically speaking, this week has proved to be a very busy one.

We ended this week off with a bang, literally with a large earthquake near Salton Sea (where we were watching) , and two rare shallow earthquakes in Southern New Mexico occurring at a dormant volcanic complex.

rare new mexico earthquake dormant volcano feb 7 2015

Video update on the rare New Mexico earthquake can be seen here:

This Salton Sea / Baja 4.9M earthquake comes on the heels of SIX DIFFERENT West coast dormant volcanoes showing earthquake movement over the past week.

The forewarnings should be of major concern to even the average person.  There are telltale signs of unrest taking place which people are overlooking for some reason.

Specifically have been warning this entire past week for movement between Los Angles and Baja.  Now Baja gets hit with a borderline 5.0 Magnitude

Louisiana Butte in Central California moved February 7, 2015 (see below):

louisiana butte california dormant volcano earthquake feb 7 2015

Central Utah Black Rock Desert Cinders moved February 5, 2015 (seen below):

utah dormant volcano earthquake feb 5 2015

Crater Mountain in Central California moved  February 3, 2015 (see below):

crater mountain dormant volcano earthquake feb 3 2015

Unnamed Volcanic buttes in NW Nevada moved February 2, 2015 (see below):

ancient volcanic rift nevada earthquake


Scientific – Summary


Magnitude 4.9 mw
Location / uncertainty 31.526°N 115.665°W± 0.9 km
Depth / uncertainty 1.9 km± 5.2
Origin Time 2015-02-09 01:45:02.840 UTC
Number of Stations 6
Number of Phases 7
Minimum Distance 56.66 km (0.51°)
Travel Time Residual 0.13 sec
Azimuthal Gap 133°
FE Region Baja California, Mexico (48)

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