2/09/2015 — “HAARP ring” hit — South Georgia / North Florida gets unexpected hail + damaging winds

48 hours ago, a RADAR pulse “HAARP ring” (HF array discharge) occurred out of South Georgia and Jacksonville Florida.

Two days later (today Feb. 9 2015) severe weather forms over the pulse epicenter, directly over the transmitter.

Hail, and damaging winds — the only area in the United States to get severe weather — directly over the transmitter which emitted the microwave pulse 2 days ago.   Not a coincidence.

haarp ring hit south georgia feb 9 2015

Two days ago,  Tatoott1009 made a video, as did I , showing people the pulse and warning for severe weather to hit the PULSE EPICENTER within 24-48 hours.

Here is Tatootts video:

Here is my video (seen at the beginning before I go into the plume which also came out of Georgia yesterday):

Are you genuinely curious about how this is happening?

How can RADAR induce rotation above the transmitter?

Watch the experiments showing how it is done here:

How can RADAR strip electrons to form energy in the atmosphere?

How do stripped electrons / ions form into storms?

How do we know professionals actually know about this already?


How many times is too many times before people finally wake up and realize weather is being enhanced (possibly fully generated) by high frequency + microwave pulses?

Curious how it all really works?  Curious about frequency induced weather?  Start learning here:


Once you have the above page open, you can start watching the playlist below explaining things on the page.

Enjoy this quest for knowledge on new science that most don’t even accept is happening!

Finally, are you one of the few who were DENIERS of this new technology?  If you denied in the past, I can understand, since the experiments to prove it correct had not yet been done.

But, in case you haven’t heard, the US Navy did the experiments, proving that 2.4GHz induces plasma, and it is proved electron cascade (plasma) causes CCN (cloud condensation nuclei / rain / Hail and winds).

I filed a FOIA request with the US Naval Research Laboratories, which was honored a few weeks ago.  See more here:

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