2/09/2015 — Past 7 Days of Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions — Nothing to see here folks! Keep moving! Nothing to see here!

Nothing to see here !  Keep moving, move along!  Nothing to see here!

Graphic below shows the past 7 days of earthquakes 2.5 magnitude and greater (up to February 9, 2015 200pm CST).  The graphic shows serious earthquake movement has occurred along the Western, and Southern portions of the craton.

This seismic stress has displaced several dormant volcanoes, and multiple drilling / fracking operations.  The overpressure coming from the West is causing earthquakes at ares which are normally expected to be silent.

Multiple actual volcanic eruptions are happening just to the South in Mexico at the same time the dormant volcanoes show movement in the United States, a sign of greater Pacific plate stress.

feb 9 2015 earthquake 24 hoursa


The earthquake forecast from February 3, 2015 still has one day to go (7 day forecast expires tomorrow Feb. 10).   See that forecast here.

All areas, East coast and West coast have received the movement expected.

5.0M (4.9 magnitude) hit near a dormant volcano in Southern California / Baja?


4.0M rare earthquake strikes dormant volcano in Southern New Mexico?


Dormant volcanoes showing movement in Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, and New Mexico??



Earthquake at a fracking operation in Wyoming South of Yellowstone?

Plumes erupt from overpressure across the Southeast US?


Major Fracking earthquakes over the past 2 weeks, over a DOZEN different 4.0M+ events:

Multiple eruptions happening in unison with this movement in the United States, specifically several eruptions in one day on February 7, 2015:

My videos normally go out to over 150,000+ people on my feeds.  However, these videos below are being deliberately punked off everyones feeds for some reason.

I have viewers contacting me letting me know that my posts are NOT showing up for them, and in some cases they CAN NOT SHARE my posts!

This is censorship happening in social media, done at the behest of the actual “government”.  No doubt about it.  We’ve caught them red handed.

Gee, I wonder why they would stop this news from getting out?  Maybe because it turns all of their professionals work on its head, and proves earthquake forecasting can be done.

Meanwhile, we’ve got the media, and professionals doing the public official “denial game”.  We all know where that leads, denial of an obvious natural disaster issue leads to public panic when something actually happens.

The people censoring this news from getting out are in denial of the unrest (currently). 

They will be the same people who come out AFTER a disaster telling the public to “remain calm” as a massive earthquake strikes.  They’ll say they “didn’t know” and couldn’t warn the public (as they deny any science which contradicts them).

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