2/13/2015 — 7.2 magnitude earthquake(s) strike Mid-Atlantic Ridge – 6.8 M @ the border of Ukraine and Russia

February 13, 2015

Article update 4pm CST February 13, 2015:

The earthquake in the Mid-Atlantic was upgraded by the USGS to a 7.2 magnitude event:

7.2m earthquake feb 13 2015

The USGS has come out and acknowledged the reading of a 6.8M at the border of Ukraine and Russia! Calling it a false reading. SMH + a real life facepalm.



financials usgs russia earthquake feb 13 2015

Behold I was able to take a screenshot of the hidden cached page on this Russian / Ukraine 6.8M earthquake !

Cache on google literally is HIDDEN.. but comes up for a microsecond if you look closely as the page loads before it turns solid white (deliberately hidden)


I had to record a video, slow it down, and grab the microsecond that it appears 🙂

Coordinates grabbed!

52.800 N , 32.000 E

russia earthquake feb 13 2015


M 6.8, Russia-Ukraine border region

Date: Friday, February 13, 2015 18:59:36 UTC
Friday, February 13, 2015 09:59:36 PM at epicenter
Depth: 10.00 km (6.21 mi)


Here is the search for the cached page :


Original post below:

Video update here:

TWO 6.8 magnitude earthquakes have occurred.

Two back to back borderline 7.0M earthquakes struck both the mid ATLANTIC ocean (mid atlantic ridge), and in Russia dead center between Russia and Ukraine!

two 7.0

February 13, 2015 (approximately 115 CST): Two back to back 6.8M earthquakes registered and reported by the USGS. One 6.8 magnitude event along the Mid-Atlantic , and at the same time a 6.8 magnitude struck exactly at the border of Russia and Ukraine. Now the USGS has removed the Ukraine information completely (within 2-5 minutes of posting it on their site – URL is below)


6.8M along the Mid-Atlantic ridge:


6.8M at the border of Russia and Ukraine:


Now, as of 145pm CST February 13, 2015 – only one 6.8 magnitude earthquake showing, at the Mid- Atlantic ridge:

7.0m mid atlantic warning feb 13 2015


Luckily, no major wave movement, no tsunami warnings issued:




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