2/18/2015 — CIA is “worried” that Russia can control the weather – Can they? Answer = YES

Word getting out that the CIA is “worried” that Russia can “control the weather“.


Can they?  Yes.   Can we?  Yes.

As seen in this animated RADAR image above out of South Florida, the United States is right alongside Russia in weather modification techniques.

This is nothing new, as you can see via this 1980’s presentation talking about Russian weather control :

Here is a full broadcast from 1980’s CNN news on the topic of Russian Weather Control:

If you are not familiar with weather control , and how the superpowers have started fully interfering with weather on a large scale — I suggest watching this broadcast from almost exactly 1 year ago on our Freedom Frequency 1.871 radio show.

I put in some graphics to aid in the talk. Links are below the video in the description box.



After watching the above video, see some examples of real life weather modification :












Watch many more examples here:


We’ve gone from this:

jfk weather controla

To this:


Dr. Michio Kaku Confirms weather modification via frequency recently on ABC News:


click the pic to watch the video:


Using Electricity to produce precipitation – American Meteorological Society conference:

Current US Military Directed Energy Warfare Office (DEWO):


Click the pic to watch the video:



Video covering another microwave event, and subsequent storm developing out of it: Storm called “Zoraida”.

Full post here:


and here:



The Weather Channel covers the topic of storms created via Microwaves:



US Navy creates plasma in the atmosphere using HF:



Watch the whole weather modification playlist here:


2013 cloud seeding results from Kansas (just one of many states reporting):


Much more on current 2012-2013 cloud seeding (spraying):


National Weather Service / American Meteorological Society conference discussion on producing CCN (cloud condensation nuclei) using frequency / electric charge / corona effect ion generation of rain:



National Weather Service denies any knowledge when asked about Cloud Seeding :


Below are previous examples of Typhoon, and Hurricane Microwave pulse interference / genesis

Previous Microwave pulse produces two tropical typhoons Francisco and Wipha:


2nd Microwave pulse produces Typhoon Krosa:


3rd microwave pulse creates typhoon Lekima:


Earthquake beneath Typhoons Francisco and Lekima :


Earthquake beneath Taiwan / Philippines typhoon Krosa :

Storm control via microwave pulse .. seen during other Hurricanes such as “Sandy / Frankenstorm”, Hurricane Irene, and Chantal.

“Sandy / Frankenstorm”:










RADAR capable of transmitting power WIRELESSLY over a distance:

How High Frequency coverts to Low frequency, causing earthquakes via a process known as “efficiency scaling”


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