2/19/2015 — California volcano movement – Noteworthy 4.8M earthquake (and swarm) hits Ubehebe Craters

Apparently a 4.8 magnitude earthquake struck Central California on February 14, 2015 – and no one reported on it or noticed for that matter.

As it turns out the earthquake was ignored by media, ignored by online reporters, and missed by me until it was added to the feed by the USGS.  No first hand reports either.

That being said, this earthquake indeed was a sign of coming movement a day LATER in adjacent areas – yesterday (Washington State + Utah).

A sign of coming movement?  How was this movement a sign of a coming event elsewhere?

The answer falls upon the epicenter location.  Which is a dormant volcanic complex called the Ubehebe Craters.

volcano dormant california earthquake feb 2015

This is case in point why we need multiple researchers reviewing earthquake epicenter locations using satellite imagery on a daily basis.

If you can know a dormant volcano on the West coast is moving, then you can WATCH for a noteworthy earthquake in a nearby adjacent area in the near term.  Every time we see dormant volcanoes show activity, we see follow up earthquakes nearby reach up into the 4.0m-5.0m or greater range.

This isn’t the first movement we’ve seen at dormant volcanoes on the West coast …. things are under serious pressure at the moment.

See the earthquake update here:

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