3/31/2015 — Villarrica volcano in Chile set to erupt again — Evacuations ordered

At the start of March (2015), a large eruption occurred at Villarrica volcano in Chile.

New evacuation orders have been issued for the area surrounding Villarrica due to a major chance of another large eruption.


March 3, 2015 , Villarrica volcano erupts in Pucon, Chile.

Short video of the eruption from the start of March 2015:


March 31, 2015

“Chile is issuing an alert over increased activity at Villarrica volcano.

The 9,000-foot (2,847-meter) volcano is located in Chile’s central valley some 400 miles (670 kilometers) south of Santiago. It’s one of South America’s most active, and it has a lava lake within its crater.

Tens of thousands of people live nearby, and it’s a popular tourist and skiing destination.

National volcanic surveillance chief Luis Lara said Monday that “there’s a high chance of active eruptive activity.”

Meanwhile, the national emergency office says it has been preparing plans in case evacuations are necessary. (AP)”

3/31/2015 — New Island in Japan GROWING yet again — Nishinoshima Volcano continues erupting

Video here:

Over the past several months, Japan has seen a new island grow exponentially larger around Nishinoshima volcano.


Nishinoshima is located about 590 miles South of Tokyo Japan.

The Japanese Coast Guard (JCG) has traveled to this volcano at least once per month for approximately the last year.

Over the past year, the island has grown from a small volcanic vent, and FULLY covered the other island which was nearby.  This new island is also growing in height.. rising several dozen feet above sea level by the beach, and upwards of a few hundred feet towards the cone.

nishinoshima march 2015 a

Compare the old photographs from a few years ago, to the new island now!

In 2013, the new island was just beginning to grow above sea level.  Within 2 years time, Nishinoshima volcano covered the entire old island, and formed a new much larger land mass reaching several hundred feet above sea level.

nishinoshima volcano growth march 2015

Multiple photographs from the air show the extent of the new lava flows.  Credit to the Japanese Coast Guard:












Last months flyover (February 2015) was spectacular!

3/30/2015 — South Florida sprayed by Jet trails — STORM detected after spraying!

Jet aircraft just sprayed South Florida with something.  Sprayed with what?  That is the question of the century.

A fleet of aircraft took off from the Gulf of Mexico and flew across Florida heading out into the Atlantic ocean.  The fleet of jet aircraft deposit a lingering series of “trails” as they take off , and fly out into the Atlantic.


This (could be)”chaff” as one might see done over a military base to hide top secret activities –but this covered the entire Southern portion of the state (not just a military base) and caused a STORM RETURN to be designated by the storm tracking computer software used by multiple services like the Weather Channel.

storm on a clear day key west march 30 2015a

We have seen this happen before.


Other views from velocity on the NEXRAD show the winds effect on the trails after they spread out.


So, what are these trails, and why are they covering the whole of South Florida?

It was a clear day, thus whatever is being sprayed is NOT visible to the human eye.   hmm..

storm on a clear day key west march 30 2015a1

3/30/2015 — Pisgah VOLCANO in California shows major movement — 4.0 Magnitude earthquake

Pisgah Crater California, an area my long time viewers know about all too well…….. just experienced a 4.0M earthquake very close to the actual crater complex.

A 4.0 magnitude earthquake at a dormant volcano is certainly something worth noting — especially in light of the OTHER dormant volcanic activity yesterday which occurred in California, and Nevada.

Here is the media making fun of me in 2011 openly — for noting large plumes from Pisgah volcano appearing on RADAR.  Nevermind the plumes they said, they said the plumes were THUNDERSTORMS.  After the media blamed thunderstorms for the obvious plume coming from the volcano — the Marine base Senior Public relations officer (commander?) from 29 palms military base literally contacted me and told me they were explosions on the marine base — asked me to take my videos down!!!!!!!


4.0m earthquake pisgah crater march 30 2015

Yesterday, March 29 2015, a series of smaller earthquake struck TWO dormant volcanoes in California, and Nevada.

Mammoth Mountain volcano experienced a 2.9M earthquake, and Twin Buttes (volcanic buttes) in Nevada also experienced a 2.9M earthquake.

Followed today by a 4.0 Magnitude at Pisgah craters means things are really on the move – seismically speaking.

Information on the 4.0M event from the USGS:



Scientific – Summary


Magnitude / uncertainty 4.0 ml± 0.3
Location / uncertainty 34.792°N 116.263°W± 0.1 km
Depth / uncertainty 2.5 km± 0.5
Origin Time 2015-03-30 09:21:56.580 UTC
Number of Stations 41
Number of Phases 50
Minimum Distance 7.85 km (0.07°)
Travel Time Residual 0.13 sec
Azimuthal Gap 61°
FE Region Southern California (43)


3/29/2015 — 7.7M (7.5 magnitude) earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea — Tsunami warning issued

You were all warned this was coming.

multiple large earthquakes march 30 2015

Above: Past 24 hours of earthquakes 5.5M and greater in the West Pacific.


If you’re a viewer of mine that logged in over the past 2-3 days who did NOT get the warnings posted in your feed, it is because youtube and facebook deliberately stopped you from getting notification of the warning.

I’ve literally been fighting censorship on the volcano and earthquake posts I’ve been making.

They tried to stop you all from knowing unrest is occurring, and now when the big one hits, the people are not prepared due to ignorance that anything was building up in the first place.


7.5 m earthquake march 29 2015

Warning for West Pacific earthquake activity issued here (this morning March 29):

Warning for West Pacific earthquake activity issued here (March 28th):


Warning issued here March 28th: https://www.facebook.com/DutchsinseOfficial/posts/910492849003140


USGS information on the 7.5 Magnitude earthquake:


Tsunami Warning Center

Scientific – Summary


Magnitude 7.5 mww
Location / uncertainty 4.760°S 152.556°E± 7.0 km
Depth / uncertainty 40.0 km± 1.8
Origin Time 2015-03-29 23:48:31.170 UTC
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 258
Minimum Distance 76.36 km (0.69°)
Travel Time Residual 0.97 sec
Azimuthal Gap 21°
FE Region New Britain region, Papua New Guinea (192)