3/15/2015 — Destroyed wall made of mortar and bricks on Mars? Strange round object looks manufactured?

Just an observation, and making note of what these objects look like.

Yes, they could be just the angle and lighting on rocks.  However, the other possibility of origin is much more fun to think about. 🙂

Take a look for yourself.

mars broken wall and round device march 15 2015

Some people say they see a wall — while inspecting the photograph myself, I saw the “thing” in the lower left corner.  Round with a center raised portion… like a wheel on a rotor, the end of a pipe,or the front of an electric engine.

mars rotor

Of course this is most likely a case of people seeing what they want to see.  I’m just pointing out the similarity in shapes, NOT claiming alien life on Mars.

The “wall” is the more intriguing part of all this.  It does indeed appear to be in the shape of “bricks” with mortar, but from this picture, there is no way to really tell one way or the  other.

Maybe some day we might find out more about these locations on Mars, until then, we can only daydream about what we’re seeing.


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