3/22/2015 — TWO MORE Dormant Volcanoes in California show earthquake activity

Dormant volcanoes on the West coast , in Central California, showing earthquake activity?

The past 24 hours of earthquakes shows just a few events in the continental United States.    We see multiple earthquakes at the fracking operations in Oklahoma, and two lone earthquakes on the West Coast.

Normally California shows much more movement than two 2.0M earthquakes in 24 hours time.  Overall “silence” means pressure is building on the West coast.

24 hours 2.5m and greater earthquakes march 22 2015


Both Earthquakes in California occurred at confirmed volcanic locations.  Aurora Crater, and Malpais Mesa — both showing movement at the same magnitude within hours of each other.

Minor earthquakes occurring at dormant volcanic sites — this is another sign of building pressure in the region.

Malpais Mesa experienced a 2.6 magnitude:

california dormant volcano march 21 2015 earthquake

Above: Screenshots from google Earth reveal the 2.6 magnitude earthquake epicenter falls on the flank of a very large volcanic field. Several unnamed volcanoes, and several marked as just “mountains”. In reality, these are obvious volcanic fields.


Aurora Crater experienced a 2.6 magnitude as well:

california dormant volcano march 21 2015 earthquakea aurora crater

Above: Screenshots from google Earth show the Earthquake epicenter falls very close to Mono Lake volcanic craters, nearest volcano is Aurora Crater, however the actual number of domes is obscured by sandy buildup around the base of the plateau. Possible that the nearby hills are also old volcanic buttes.

Yesterday, March 21 2015, a different dormant volcano showed movement in California.  Crater Mountain is the name of the nearby volcano which was at the root cause of the seismic activity 24 hours ago.

Seen in this screenshot below, Crater Mountain is similar to Aurora Crater, and the unnamed volcanoes we see in the larger Mono-Inyo crater fields.

crater mountain dormant volcano earthquake march 21 2015

This is not the first time we have seen such events occur — usually this dormant volcanic activity is a precursor to larger movement coming in the near term.

The earthquake forecast issued on March 18 2015 fully covered the possibility for dormant volcanoes to show movement on the West coast.  See the forecast here (still applies for another 3 days, expiring on March 25):

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