3/23/2015 — Earthquake forecast area hit — 6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Taiwan — Area warned 5 days ago

Five days ago, on March 18 2015, a warning was issued for a 6.0 magnitude earthquake to strike Taiwan to South Japan.

Quote the earthquake forecast:

“Internationally.. watch Taiwan to South Japan. Possibly as far South as Philippines. At least a 6.0, possibly as high as a 7.0M should strike this region in the next 7 days (this area is due north of this weeks 6.7M earthquake – which means it is primed for movement. Currently silent, we need to be on Watch).”

Today, March 23 2015, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan directly.

taiwan earthquake 6.0m march 23 2015


Magnitude ML 6.0
Date time 2015-03-23 10:13:50.8 UTC
Location 23.70 N ; 121.80 E
Depth 30 km
Distances 124 km SE of Taichung, Taiwan / pop: 1,040,725 / local time: 18:13:50.8 2015-03-23
37 km SE of Hualian, Taiwan / pop: 350,468 / local time: 18:13:50.8 2015-03-23

Watch the earthquake forecast from March 18 2015 here:

This makes two direct hits named in the Earthquake Forecast in one 24 hour period.

Previously this morning (March 23), a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck at the border of Peru and Chile.   The border of Peru and Chile were specifically named for a 6.0-7.0M earthquake.   The watch for Chile / Peru was issued on March 18th, time was for a 7 day watch.

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