3/26/2015 — Eastern US craton movement — Earthquake pressure transferring

Over the past week we’ve seen a flurry of 4.0M range earthquakes occur across Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado.

This midwest earthquake stress is producing more activity than the entire West coast combined!

7 days of earthquakes march 26 2015

Above: Past 7 days of earthquakes 2.5M+ in the United States (up to March 26 2015 700CDT) shows excessive activity in the Midwest at the fracking operations of CO, KS, OK, and TX – more events in the midwest than the entire West coast combined.


During the same time frame (over the past week up to March 26 2015), we’ve also seen additional noteworthy seismic activity occur in Texas.

All of this aforementioned seismic stress has transpired at fracking operations located in each state.

Early this morning (March 26 2015) a rare magnitude 2.9 earthquake struck near Chicago Illinois.  This Illinois movement is a sign of the greater stresses showing just one full state away in Oklahoma.

2.9m march 25 2015a

After the Chicago activity this morning, a new earthquake has just struck on the Eastern edge of the craton, in Tennessee.

2.8m earthquake tennessee march 26 2015

Seeing movement transfer East across the plate is nothing new , as we have seen this occur several times over the past few years.  Professionals are still ignoring this fact of earthquake pressure transfer for some reason or another.

It should now be obvious to even the average observer that Earthquakes in one area are causing earthquakes in adjacent areas .. sometimes far away from the swarm itself.

craton earthquakes march 26 2015

Past 7 days of 2.5M and greater earthquakes up to March 26 2015 shows the edge of the craton to be highlighted by earthquake activity.


Usually pressure transfers from the NW to the SE then back to the NE along the edge of the craton.  Earthquakes usually occur along the edge of the plate when pressure comes from the Pacific Northwest.

Information from the USGS on this Tennessee movement:

Scientific – Summary


Magnitude / uncertainty 2.8 md± 0.1
Location / uncertainty 35.563°N 84.659°W± 0.3 km
Depth / uncertainty 16.5 km± 0.8
Origin Time 2015-03-26 03:21:09.980 UTC
Number of Stations 22
Number of Phases 31
Minimum Distance 17.68 km (0.16°)
Travel Time Residual 0.16 sec
Azimuthal Gap 103°
FE Region Eastern Tennessee (506)


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