3/26/2015 — Europe Earthquake at “Carbon Storage” facility — France 3.2 Magnitude at CENSORED LOCATION

A noteworthy (and rare) 3.2 magnitude earthquake struck Southwest France near a large facility which is INTENTIONALLY censored on Google Earth images.

france 3.2 earthquake blurred and unnamed march 26 2015

Intentional blurring (censorship) of an image is usually only done over the most secret of facilities.  In the past , areas intentionally blurred were nuclear test sites, military facilities such as HAARP in Alaska, and areas blurred at the request of security agencies of foreign governments.

Pictures of the location from Google earth community reveal a giant industrial complex.

Picture titles:

“LACQ, paysage industriel”lacq

“Mont- Vue sur le complexe industriel de Lacq”

“grosse plomberie”

“Planta Bioetanol”
planta bioethanol

Why would the French (or Google) blur out a bioethanol plant?  This is a very good question to ask at this point.  Why hide regular industrial operations?

As it turns out, this location now doing CO2 sequestration!  Capturing, and storing CO2 underground.   Literally like the CO2 in a can of soda, pumping the gas into chambers in the ground for “storage”.

Total Lacq Fact Sheet: Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Project

Company/Alliance: Total, Air Liquide, French Petroleum Institute (IFP), the French Bureau of Geological and Mining Research (BRGM) and Alstom

Location: Lacq, France

Feedstock: Heavy Oil, with possibility of other fuels being tested

Process: Natural gas boiler

Size: 35 MW: 40 tons of steam per hour and 75,000 tons of CO2 per year captured and stored for a two year period

Capture Technology: Oxy fuel combustion

CO2 Fate: Onshore sequestration in depleted natural gas field at Rousse (Pyrenees), 30 km from Lacq, at 4.5 km underground

Timing: Preliminary study (2006), Engineering study (2007) and Capture and CO2 injection (2010).

Completion: Scheduled (July 2013)


The project will cost €60 million (US$83 million). It is the first integrated CO2 capture and storage system using oxy fuel combustion technology combined with injection in a depleted hydrocarbon field.


Greater understanding of the oxy fuel combustion process will help with the “hot” production of the extra-heavy Athabasca oils in Canada. Total, on January 11 2010, inaugurated the Lacq project (“Europe’s first end-to-end carbon capture, transportation and storage demonstration facility, in southwestern France, at a ceremony attended by Valérie Létard, France’s Secretary of State for Green Technology and Climate Negotiations”).

Over 120,000 tons of CO2 were successfully captured and sequestered by June 2010.

Project Link: Total: A pilot installation at Lacq

We’ve seen massive failures of these CO2 storage systems — usually done in old frack wells.  In 2014, we saw a CO2 sequestration operation blow its top, and sent millions of sq feet of liquid CO2 escaping with high pressure water filled sand over entire mountains before coming to a rest.

colorado frack slide may 26 2014

See the Colorado event here:

Information on the current 3.2 magnitude earthquake in France from the EMSC:


Magnitude ML 3.2
Date time 2015-03-26 15:14:02.0 UTC
Location 43.39 N ; 0.64 W
Depth 2 km
Distances 202 km NW of Andorra la Vella, Andorra / pop: 20,430 / local time: 16:14:02.0 2015-03-26
104 km NE of Pamplona, Spain / pop: 198,491 / local time: 16:14:02.0 2015-03-26
24 km NW of Pau, France / pop: 82,697 / local time: 16:14:02.0 2015-03-26
1 km NE of Lagor, France / pop: 1,355 / local time: 16:14:02.0 2015-03-26

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