3/26/2015 — GHOST STORMS on a clear day in Utah — RADAR Pulse / ‘HAARP ring’ caught stripping electrons

The NEXRAD RADAR in Salt Lake City Utah sent out multiple microwave pulses today.


The large microwave transmitter located South of the city was working as usual, then out of the blue it experienced (transmitted?) a massive pulse.   The pulse of energy  caused something VERY strange to occur in the sky above the transmitter.    HAIL and STRONG CELL STORMS WERE DETECTED ON A CLEAR DAY!

Quite literally, the pulse of microwaves INSTANTLY produced some kind of frequency induced “storm” on a 100% clear day.    Which in turn was detected on multiple systems as a heavy rain/hail event.

utah haarp ring radar pulse march 26 2015

Above: (upper left) Clear day over Salt Lake City seen on GOES visible satellite (upper right) Two screenshots of the RADAR pulse as it occurred, showing up as Echo Topped storms and heavy precipitation on base reflectivity (lower right) Two screenshots of the hail + strong cell thunderstorms produced by the pulse of energy

Hail and strong cell thunderstorms were detected by multiple weather monitoring systems, and even showed up as PRECIPITATION on RADAR hydrometer classification.

The RADAR pulse (aka “HAARP ring”) actually produced an overall storm precipitation total as shown by the NEXRAD data itself:


This “frequency induced storm” also had echo tops associated as well , as if a real storm is physically present for a few minutes:


How does this occur?  How can “nothing” have a top seen by RADAR?

As it turns out, there is indeed something there reflecting back.  Just not a storm as you might imagine it normally.

Simply put – this is a reflection of energy itself.    The reflection is happening off of small “ions” which are stripped from electrons in the atmosphere.

The ions are formed when RADAR “pumps” out a high frequency pulse into a region, which induces something called “electron cascade”.  Electron cascade is a fancy term for “static charge” or electric charge.


Above: February 2013 – US Navy creates giant electron cascade using HAARP in Alaska, the resulting plasma ball was multiple KM wide, and was sustained for over an hour, ultimately becoming visible to the human eye, these actual photographs were taken during the exeriments.

When electrons build in the sky to an excess point naturally , we see lightning form.  When clouds move through the air with high moisture content, we see electron cascade build to the point of lighting to ground strikes.

There is a buildup process that occurs in the sky BEFORE we see the lightning visibly, this natural electron buildup process is the same process that humans can induce using frequency.

lasers weather control weather modification

When humans introduce high power transmissions into the atmosphere, the frequency can induce artificial (man made) electron cascade.   Past experiments have proved S-band RADAR (NEXRAD’s frequency bandwidth), is capable of causing electron cascade to the point of visible plasma.

The NEXRAD RADAR in Utah sent out a large pulse (most likely in the 2.7-3 GHz range @ 750,000 watts).

The large pulse of energy hit the atmosphere which caused ‘friction’ in the small particulate matter in the air.   The pulse quickly produced electron cascade, which in turn produced ionization, ultimately causing plasma which then reflect RF (radio frequency) back to the transmitter.

The NEXRAD RADAR transmitter then picks up the plasma + the plasmas reflected signal !  The computer interprets the return coming back as actual precipitation.

In reality, visibly, there is no storm present, not even much cloud cover.  The Hail + strong cell thunderstorms detected are proof of large “clouds” of ions which were formed by the pulse of energy.

clear day storms ionization nexrad radar march 26 2015

The thicker the “cloud” of plasma , the heavier the return.  Thus the hail return would actually be pockets of the atmosphere which have higher amounts of electrons, and the strong cell detections would have lower amounts of plasma (electrons).

Ultimately the plasma returns disappear as the pulse fades away.  The stripped ions then spread out in the sky over 1-2 days.

The outcome of the ionization is always the same.   CCN formation (cloud condensation nuclei) , and wind formation about the transmitter (sometimes extreme rotation will develop within 2-3 days of the RADAR pulse / HAARP ring event).

To learn more on the topic of frequency induced weather, begin here:


Using the above link, you can watch this video and follow along:


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