3/26/2015 — Oklahoma regulators issue new Fracking Rules for injection wells — Due to Earthquake activity

The excessive earthquake activity across the fracking operations of Oklahoma is NOT being ignored any more.

The screenshot below speaks a thousand words as to the nature of the seismic activity currently occurring in the Midwest due to fracking.

This is just 7 days worth of earthquakes, not including the smaller events in the 1.0 – 2.0M range (only showing 2.5 and greater).

7 days of earthquakes march 26 2015

Above: Past 7 days of 2.5M+ earthquakes in the United States shows the Oklahoma fracking operations moving excessively – more than the entire combined movement of the West Coast in just one weeks time. Pressure spilling over to other states like Kansas, Colorado, Texas, and even in Chicago Illinois.


Regulators in the State of Oklahoma have started taking the reigns of control back from the special interests  after a series of Earthquakes started causing damage to local properties, and infrastructure.

Now we see news that Oklahoma has notified a majority of the gas / oil well owners of new controls being put on these operations in light of the earthquake activity they are causing.



“As earthquakes continue to surge in Oklahoma and seismologists warn of more frequent and more damaging shaking, the state’s oil and gas regulator is issuing new orders to companies operating wells in seismically active regions of the state.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s new requirements, known as directives, were mailed March 18 to 92 people or companies operating 347 Arbuckle formation disposal wells in quake-prone regions of the state.

The directives expand the definition of “areas of interest” — a term the agency uses to describe locations of concentrated seismic activity — and require operators to prove to the commission that their wells aren’t in contact with granite basement rock. Fluid injection into basement rock has been identified by researchers as a major risk factor for triggering earthquakes.

“This is a way of quickly getting our hands around the issue, particularly in those areas that have seen huge increases in seismicity,” says commission spokesman Matt Skinner.”

2 months ago (February 2015), Oklahoma literally BANNED the injection operations near the Central Oklahoma / Kansas border area due to a series of 4.0M+ earthquakes which occurred (and are STILL occurring as of the past few days!).

I made a video when they banned the injection wells, see that update here:

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