3/27/2015 — Earthquake swarm strikes CALIFORNIA FRACKING / Oil operation — 4.2 Magnitude , 3.5M 2.8M + 2.7M

A swarm of earthquakes has struck at a fracking / oil / injection operation in Central WESTERN California.

swarm march 27 2015


I made a website post on the original event which kicked off the swarm, which was a 3.5M earthquake  earlier this morning (March 27 2015) just after midnight Central time.

In the post made several hours ago , said this:

“Now (March 27 2015) we have the operations on the West coast seeing movement as well — keep watch for more events in , and around this area.

Over the past hour (approximately 6am PDT) a noteworthy 4.2 magnitude earthquake struck the same location, also several subsequent 2.0 – 3.0M events in the same fracking operation.

california fracking earthquake march 27 2015aa

The event occurred off of “Oil City Road” in Coalinga California. COAL-inga being a dead giveaway as to the geology of the area — oil, gas, and coal being the main commodity produced by this region of California.

This is not something we see every day, but something I’m not surprised to see (in light of other activity happening in the United States currently).

Yesterday we saw news that Oklahoma has notified fracking / oil well owners of new guidelines in regards to operations after multiple 3.0M- upper 4.0M earthquakes struck (and continue to strike) Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Colorado.

The fracking operations in Colorado, Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma ALL showed noteworthy movement over the past 7 days.

craton earthquakes march 26 2015

Above: Past 7 days of 2.5M and greater earthquakes in the United States shows activity at the fracking operations along the edge of the craton. Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas all showing movement , each earthquake in the midwest occurred at a fracking operation .. Chicago and Tennessee both moved in compensation to the fracking operations huge swarm.



Information on this event from the USGS:


Scientific – Summary


Magnitudeuncertainty 4.2 ml± 0.3
Locationuncertainty 36.225°N 120.353°W± 0.2 km
Depthuncertainty 11.0 km± 0.3
Origin Time 2015-03-27 13:30:14.350 UTC
Number of Stations 78
Number of Phases 66
Minimum Distance 2.88 km (0.03°)
Travel Time Residual 0.13 sec
Azimuthal Gap 55°
FE Region Central California (39)

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