3/29/2015 — Dormant Volcano in California shows Earthquake activity — 2.9 Magnitude @ Mammoth Mountain

Earlier today (March 29, 2015) a dormant volcanic butte in Eastern Nevada experienced a 2.9 magnitude earthquake.

Move forward a few hours, we see ANOTHER 2.9 magnitude earthquake has struck a different dormant volcano — this time in central Eastern California, near Mammoth Lakes / Mammoth Mountain volcano.

dormant volcano california march 29 2015 earthquake

The earlier 2.9M earthquake (in Nevada) occurred at “Twin Buttes”, this newest 2.9M earthquake in California occurred at Mammoth Mountain.  No record or posting can be found online regarding these “Twin Buttes” in Nevada — however, Mammoth Mountain is very well known.

From the USGS:

Geologic history of Mammoth Mountain

East-facing slope of Mammoth Mountain, California.<br />
 (Click image to view full size.)

East-facing slope of Mammoth Mountain, California.

“Mammoth Mountain straddles the southwest rim of Long Valley Caldera. It is the largest post-caldera volcanic cone in the Long Valley area.

Mammoth Mountain was built by a series of approximately 25 separate eruptive episodes between 110,000 and 57,000 years ago. The eruptions were fed by a magma body located somewhere beneath the mountain and has a source separate from the magma body beneath Long Valley caldera.

During the time interval when Mammoth Mountain was active, a series of effusive (Hawaiian type) eruptions from vents in the west moat of the Long Valley caldera fed fluid, basaltic lava flows that covered the west moat. These lavas flowed around the caldera’s resurgent dome into the north and south moat.”


Both the Twin Buttes, and Mammoth mountain are part of the Western edge of the deformed craton, which is under tremendous seismic stress (coming from the Pacific Northwest).  The ancient magma chambers are being displaced along with multiple oil / gas drilling operations.

Any type of deep earth shaft, underground chamber, or ancient lava tube in these regions is prone for movement due to the pressures placed on the craton edge coming from a “new” direction.

craton earthquakes march 26 2015

Past several days of earthquakes shows excessive movement upon the edge of the craton at dormant volcanoes, and fracking / oil operations.

Information on the Mammoth Mountain 2.9 Magnitude earthquake from the USGS:



Scientific – Summary


Magnitude / uncertainty 2.9 ml± 0.5
Location / uncertainty 37.561°N 118.861°W± 0.2 km
Depth / uncertainty 6.8 km± 0.5
Origin Time 2015-03-29 13:03:35.870 UTC
Number of Stations 28
Number of Phases 27
Minimum Distance 4.25 km (0.04°)
Travel Time Residual 0.02 sec
Azimuthal Gap 99°
FE Region Central California (40)

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