3/29/2015 — DORMANT VOLCANO shows earthquake activity in Eastern Nevada – California & Texas FRACKING earthquakes

Earthquake activity is picking up at locations which indicate greater stresses upon the North American plate are present.  Specifically we’re seeing excessive activity at dormant volcanoes, and man-made drilling operations.

A dormant volcanic butte in Northeast Nevada just experienced a near 3.0M earthquake (2.9 magnitude).

Northeast Nevada is not normally prone to earthquake activity, although its location in proximity to dormant volcanic chains cannot be overlooked.

nevada volcano butte march 29 2015 earthquake

Above: 2.9M earthquake strikes a few miles due South of “Twin Buttes” located in Northeast Nevada / Elko NV, just West of Wells, Nevada. Twin Buttes are clearly ancient volcanic buttes which have been weathered away over time, possibly hundreds of thousands, to millions of years ago it appears to have erupted.


24 hours march 29 2015 earthquakes

Above: Past 24 hours of earthquakes (up to March 29 2015 445am CDT) 2.5M+ in the United States. The ONLY areas to show movement are the dormant volcano in Nevada, and the fracking operations in California, Texas, and Oklahoma.

To see earthquake activity develop in this particular region means stresses are building in such a way (along the edge of the craton) that we are now starting to see dormant volcanoes move in areas which haven’t moved in MILLIONS of years.

Normally we see seismic activity at the dormant volcanoes located along the West coast (California , Oregon, and Washington state) — we do not normally see dormant volcanic seismicity further inland towards the craton edge.

This movement in Nevada comes on the heels of a 5.3 magnitude earthquake which occurred 3 days ago in Vancouver British Columbia Canada.

24 hours march 29 2015 earthquakesa

Above: Past 7 days of earthquakes in the United States shows a single large event near Vancouver BC, and multiple earthquakes along the edge of the craton (at fracking operations in California, Texas, and Oklahoma. Two more rare earthquakes in Chicago Illinois, and near South Carolina.


Each time we see a larger earthquake in the Pacific Northwest , the larger earthquake places stress upon the edge of the craton, causing earthquakes at unexpected areas like dormant volcanoes, and fracking / drilling operations.

Over the past several days, California experienced a swarm of earthquakes at a very large fracking / oil well operation:

california fracking earthquake march 27 2015aa


Notice the 2.9M earthquake in West Texas seen above on the screenshot from Earthquake3D.

Fort Stockton is the location of a new mystery fault line which opened up 2 years ago in 2012.  A literal crack in the ground which extends for multiple miles appeared over a short period of time reaching South out of Ft. Stockton TX.

fort stockton fault

Above: Screenshot from news reports covering the Fort Stockton mystery fault line splitting open in July of 2012.

The earthquake epicenter in Texas is the home of a giant fracking / oil / gas operation.  Seen from google earth, this injection well operation goes on for miles, upon miles.

I wonder if the Texas Railroad Commission got the memo yet about Fracking + Earthquakes being related . (they were denying a connection up to even 1 month ago!)

texas fracking march 29 2015 earthquake

The fact that the dormant volcanoes AND fracking operations are moving at roughly the same time, means the the whole of the craton is being displaced — all magma chambers, and all drilled wells will be adjusting accordingly.

Each time the craton is pressed from the Northwest (Northern California to British Columbia) then the edge of the plate is displaced further to the Southeast.

When the NW moves, the plate is pushed SE.   This means Idaho , Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma normally see activity AFTER the Pacific Northwest presses the North American plate.

Oklahoma experienced multiple 4.0M+ earthquakes at their fracking operations.   Now we are hearing about new regulations which are being put in place for monitoring these seismically prone oil / gas wells.

craton earthquakes march 26 2015

It is good to hear that Oklahoma is getting a hold of the regulation portion of this seismic problem, however it is troubling to see the earthquake activity spreading to multiple fracking operations, and dormant volcanoes.

Information on this current 2.9 magnitude in Nevada from the USGS:


Scientific – Summary


Magnitude / uncertainty 2.9 ml± 0.0
Location 41.111°N 115.249°W
Depth 15.0 km
Origin Time 2015-03-29 09:08:27.083 UTC
Number of Stations 8
Number of Phases 8
Minimum Distance 334.18 km (3.00°)
Travel Time Residual
Azimuthal Gap 293.91°
FE Region Nevada (37)



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