4/02/2015 — Dallas Texas FRACKING earthquake strikes again — Texas Railroad Commission still in denial

An undeniable fracking earthquake has occurred in Dallas Texas, just north of Irvine TX, near the swarm locations from this past year (2014).

dallas fracking earthquake april 2 2015


The Texas Railroad Commission (TRC) , a governmental group tasked with handling the approval of oil / gas wells in the State of Texas, has been in DENIAL over fracking induced earthquakes.

Literally saying (just a few months ago), that fracking does NOT cause earthquakes !   Anti-science from paid shills who are lying in the face of all the reputable studies from well known institutions which say human induced seismic activity is a direct result of fracking hydraulic pressure.

Watch my report on the TRC’s foolish denial here:

This lame denial by the TRC is egg on the face of any real scientists who work for the commission.

You might expect to hear the denial come from a politician who is on the dole of the oil company, but you wouldn’t normally expect public paid scientists who work for the Texas Railroad Commission to do the politics lie game.


It is 100% proved fracking causes earthquakes, anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant on the subject , or deliberately telling lies.

Meanwhile, here in reality, the USGS has fully confirmed fracking induced earthquakes:

Several posts linked below with USGS official links on induced seismicity — Texas Railroad Commission, the days of denial are over.

Here is my most recent earthquake update / forecast post from the main dutchsinse website:


Cornell professor of seismology confirms fracking induced earthquakes are a reality, and are growing in size, and expanding across larger areas.

Several posts done by myself with worthwhile official USGS links worth checking:



USGS links confirming fracking induced earthquakes:



Texas towns banning fracking citing earthquake issue:


Kansas Geologic Survey links fracking to earthquakes:


Oklahoma Geologic Survey links fracking to earthquakes:


Arkansas government BANS new injection wells, and links fracking to earthquakes:



Colorado government BANS new injection wells, and links fracking to earthquakes:



Main stream media confirms the USGS findings:








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